5 hypothetical situations if Donald Trump was the president of FIFA

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Dallas
The things that Trump would do if he was FIFA president
Umid Kumar Dey

If creating controversy and being in the news was a sport, then Donald Trump would have been the best player of it. The POTUS has bewildered the world with his embarrassing antics, most recently tweeting that “nobody could have done what I’ve done for Puerto Rico.”

Ever since he was announced as the Republican candidate that would run for the presidency, he has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Right now, after 266 days in office, most can’t wait for his reign to be over.

In the beginning, it was kind of funny. Now, however, things are getting out of hand as America—well, wait a minute. Why in the world am I even talking about politics on a sports website? Well, I guess this is the effect of Donald Trump.

Let’s get to the point now, imagine if this man was the leader of FIFA. No? Don’t want to imagine it? Alright, you don’t have to – we have already dreaded ourselves with that scenario and envisaged 5 potential repercussions of it.

#5 Women's football would be objectified

Costa Rica v United States
It wouldn't be shocking if they were forced to wear shorter clothes

It seems as though Donald Trump has some real issues against women. His move to roll-back on the Obama-era mandate that required employers to provide women with insurance that covers birth control is his latest assault against women.

One could actually write a book covering the number of times the POTUS made sexist remarks against women. If I had to pick one, it would be the “locker room talk” where he asked the people in the room to “grab ‘em [women] by the pu**y” because “they [women] let you do anything if you are a star.”

Shameful. Sickening. Repulsive.

So, as the president of FIFA, Donald Trump would have definitely objectified women's football by asking them to wear tighter and shorter clothes.

Also, given his reputation for being attracted to only the “beautiful” women, he would perhaps make a move to ban all the players that he would deem as unattractive. The further treatment of the players would also be foul, to say the least.

#4 Mexican team would be banned

Mexico v United States: 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup Qualifier
Trump would have accused them of being criminals

We all know how much Trump loves to blame Mexico for everything that is wrong with the United States of America, and perhaps, the world. Apparently, according to Trump, Mexico are “sending criminals” who are “bringing drugs and crime” to the USA.

He also labelled them as “rapists” while suggesting that there should be a wall built between Mexico and USA – which should be paid for by the Mexican government instead of his office. If an unfortunate event caused him to become the president of FIFA, then there would be horrific repercussions against the Mexican football team.

For starters, he might as well have banned the team from competing on the international front, while citing reasons such as the country’s infamous connection with the drug trade. Then, he could inflict stringent laws against the Mexican players.

Basically, Trump isn’t really fond of Mexicans and you can always count on him to blame them for just about everything from water not coming out his tapes to the food not being hot enough.

#3 Russian football would be the strongest

Russia v Montenegro - UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifier
Football in Russia would take a hike

Ahem. I mean, why not? I am not someone who understands politics. Rather, politics doesn’t really interest me, but even a nonchalant person like me can understand how Trump favours Russia and has often depicted himself to be an “ally” of Putin's.

When Putin sacked American diplomats in Russia, Trump went on to thank him for helping America cut their costs – such is the image that he has exuded this far. So, we can safely assume that if Trump ever becomes the president of FIFA, then Russian football would start gaining power.

As a starter, he could make it a mandatory rule for a Ballon d’Or winner to play in the Russian league for a year at least, which would mean both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo playing in Russia. Also, with Catalonia wanting independence, he might as well have forced Barcelona to be a part of the Russian Premier League, increasing their viewership in the process.

#2 Say yes to racism

Japan v Sweden: FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 - Semi Final
The 'no' would be changed to 'yes'

Racism is one of the saddest things to put dent the beautiful game. Racism is prevalent and can be found among the chants made by the fans in some part of the world. FIFA are actively pursuing with their attempts to eliminate the shameful aspect from the game.

However, they have been futile thus far and this is where Trump’s ploy would have come into play if he ever became the president of FIFA. Under his tenure, it would become mandatory for fans to make racist chants against players of colour.

Indeed, even the players would have to actively take part in racism as they would have to make at least one racist remark as an obligation. The very imagination of such a scenario sends shivers down your spine, doesn't it?

#1 He would handle FIFA's Twitter handle

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Appears With His Vice Presidential Candidate Pick Indiana Gov. Mike Pence
Trump can't stop himself from tweeting

Donald Trump just loves using Twitter. He has posted more unnecessary and derogatory tweets during his time as the POTUS than he has made sensible decisions that protects the good of people. Whenever one reads his tweet, she/he goes into further bewilderment as to how he ever became a president.

Since he loves using the social media app so much, he would take over the official Twitter account of FIFA and use it as a means to insult anyone and anything that he doesn’t remotely like – which ranges from Mexicans, women and people that follow a certain religion.

He wouldn’t tweet about anything that acknowledges the achievement of the aforementioned things that he doesn’t like, and would heap praise on ethnic Caucasian players for something as trivial as going to the toilet – which, by the way, he finds disgusting when a woman does it.

Edited by Aakanksh Sanketh


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