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5 seemingly unhygienic Joachim Low gestures caught on camera

Joachim Low might be managing the best football team in the world but some of his acts don't cover him in glory.

Joachim Low
Low seems to be hungry during most match days

Millions of eyes are constantly tracking every move of the German football team on a regular basis and for good measure too. They are the current World Champions and are favourites to lift the Euro 2016 title as well.

The side had a tough opening game against Ukraine but ultimately got the three points thanks to a 2-0 score line. While there wasn’t a lot of action on the pitch that caught the attention of the media, German manager Joachim Low certainly did provide a lot of entertainment off the pitch.

The 56-year-old has a history of doing some rather unhygienic acts whether it is on the training pitch or in front of millions of TV viewers all across the globe. From crotch sniffing to eating his boogers, here are five seemingly unhygienic Joachim Low gestures caught on camera. You have been warned.

1) Joachim Low takes a sniff of his armpit

Starting with the least unhygienic act in this piece, the German manager might be one of the sharpest dressed men in the world of football but these acts really turn a lot of people off.

During a match in 2008, the German manager calmly walks down the stairs where the players are seated. Oblivious to the fact that the cameras are pointed at him, the 56-year-old takes his right hand and wipes it underneath his armpit, as seen on a Sky Sports show.

He does it with so much style and panache that it seems this is a normal act for most people. The German isn’t even fazed one bit; I would not like to shake hands with the man after the game.

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