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5 things Arsenal need to do to stay relevant

Arsenal and Arsene Wenger are under severe pressure from their fans.

Top 5 / Top 10 15 Mar 2017, 16:14 IST
What has gone wrong for the Gunners?

Even a cup victory may fall short of hiding the growing concern over the future of Arsenal and of Arsene Wenger at the club. The recent results against Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Chelsea have not helped the cause either and have highlighted that unless a resurrection is undertaken, Arsenal risk losing relevance as a top European club.

Below are the five things that Arsenal must change to go shoulder to shoulder with the big boys.

#1 A change at the helm

The sacking of Claudio Ranieri at Leicester City or Jose Mourinho at Chelsea points to the fact that the management's actions show their true ambitions. Where even a successful title campaign does not warrant a subsequent term, Wenger’s 12-year drought seems even more gaping.

The league’s top managers are much more adept and flexible to a result-oriented style – which is seemingly lacking in the current management style at Arsenal. Wenger has admitted that his team has often been playing with the handbrake on, a result probably of a manager understanding the league a little too well for his liking and resisting innovation.

The ’Wenger Out’ faction of the Gunners faithful are increasingly concerned and vocal about the lack of ambition of the board, the coach as well as the players. The situation demands a definitive step be taken to reassure the club’s fans that it is committed to continue their bid to be a European heavyweight.

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