5 times footballers attempted to make it as rapstars

Andy Cole
Not another one Andy!! Cole probably should have just stuck to football

Rap music has achieved mainstream prominence amongst millions of music fans around the world ever since its inception back in the 70’s. This stylised rhythmic chanting is now among the most popular forms music in the world and also amongst several famous footballers.

Over the years, many football players have hit the recording studio to dish out some of their own rap renditions inspired by the likes of the likes of Eminem or Tupac Shakur. Although their work might not be on par with the Rap legends, some of the footballers on the list did come out with some decent music.

Let's take a look at five footballers attempted to make it as rappers.

#1 Andy Cole


Andrew Cole or let's just say, Andy Cole was quite the footballer during the 90’s. The former Manchester United striker has had plenty of success on the field having won five Premier League titles and also a Champions League trophy with Manchester United. He became a Premier League legend for his abilities to find the back of the net with relative ease.

But when it comes to a mic in his hand it’s a different story, with the new millennium approaching, Cole collaborated with DJ Pied Piper and came out with the not so popular single ‘Outstanding’ back in 1999. Maybe Cole should have just stuck to playing football because his attempt at becoming a rap star was a serious dud. Check out the ‘Outstanding’ track performed by Cole and DJ Pied Piper down below.

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