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5 times top players were made to look terrible

Shambhu Ajith
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With great pay comes great responsibility.

Nobody wants to pay tens of thousands of pounds a week for pedestrian kickabout skills. That's why we sit by our laptops and footballers light up the world every single week.

But no matter how many orange cones you went around or how many poles you slalomed past in the training ground, to err is human. And being made to look like plain vanilla as the entire world watches on is quite knackering.

It is not merely the act or getting caught in it that rounds up the embarrassment. In the business of the elite, everything from the backdrop to the hype play a part in buoying up humiliation to the hilt.

For all the 'career ending' banter that we engage in subsequently, they all dust themselves back up and will be raring to go in a heartbeat. And that's simply why we love them.

But let's not shy away from some solid schadenfreude because only quality can humiliate quality. For that reason, let's kick this off:

#5. Wijnaldum bullies Ramsey and Xhaka at Anfield

Story of Ramsey's night

Georginio Wijnaldum often deploys a tormenting version of himself when Liverpool play at home. On an evening where Liverpool midfielders decided it was time to fire on all cylinders, Can and Henderson did the dirty work and the absolute filth was reserved for Gini.

First, it was Granit Xhaka who was found searching for a unicorn in the middle of the park. Wijnaldum latched onto the bouncing ball near the halfway line and Xhaka came hunting like a bull. Wijnaldum lifted the ball over his head and brought it down on the other side. The Swiss man wasn't done filling his quota of embarrassment and came in from behind only to be strong-armed by Gini who literally hurled the centre midfielder to the ground with the ball safe at his feet.


Gini then took Ramsey to the cleaners and won 2 back to back rounds with aplomb. Ramsey came charging into the Dutchman's path and was easily deceived as Gini cut inside. The Welshman wanted vindication but Wijnaldum adjusted his feet and went the other way as Ramsey fell to his knees and accepted defeat.

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