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5 ways to be like Cristiano Ronaldo

Here are 5 ways which will help you in emulating Cristiano Ronaldo off the pitch, but on the pitch - you will need something special.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Here’s a 5-step guide to be like Cristiano Ronaldo

Almost everyone under the Sun is talking about Cristiano Ronaldo – be it negative or positive. What can’t be denied, however, is that he now has a more complete career than his greatest rival, Lionel Messi, after winning the UEFA Euro 2016.

All these years, he won a lot of accolades with the clubs he has played for, but he could never amass one with Portugal. However, as he begins to reach the twilight of his career, he has won what he wanted the most in the world of football.

A lot of people in this world want to be like him, even more so now. It is not an easy task to emulate him. However, we try to make your work simpler by listing out the 5 ways to be like Cristiano Ronaldo…


#1 Be shirtless most of the time

The absolute must for one to be like Cristiano Ronaldo is to throw away every ounce of shyness that you might have in you and move around in nothing but your underwear at most times.

It doesn’t matter if you are in front of 80000-90000 people or that the shape of your private part might become apparent to all, if you want to be like the Portuguese, you have to make sure that people see you shirtless more than they see their spouses without clothes.

You may or may not need to have a beautiful body shape like him—it is a bonus if you do—but the point is to be bare-chested and that is what you must do.

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