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5 ways to spot a diehard Messi fan

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Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona fans enjoying a La Liga match from the stands
Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona fans enjoying a La Liga match from the stands

Football is a sport that unites people from across the world. The game of football could arguably lay claim to being the greatest game of all time.The sheer popularity of the game, the traditions and customs associated with it and the unique features of the football make it a sport quite unlike any other.

Fervent followers of the game support their teams with great passion and individual football players often have even more fervent fans. Lionel Messi improbably the most popular football player of the moment.His unparalleled skill on the field has a earned him a huge number of fans across the world.

Messi fans worship the four-time Ballon d’Or winner and will bore you to death with endless tales of his great talent and mesmerisingskills. The Argentinian is more than just a football player – he’s a demigod to those who follow him and Messi fans are easily recognisable; withdistinct characteristics. So lets look at some ways to spot die-hard Messi fans.

1. Look to emulate Messi’s style of play

Left footed players are a treasured commodity in world football. There’s something special about players who are left-footed, their grace, balance and poise on the field and their control of the football is mesmerising.

Some of the game’s greatest players have been left-footed, with Lionel Messi being the most famous example, currently. Of course ,everyone would like to copy his style of play but as the saying goes, if wishes were horse…

Messi has spent countless hours perfecting his technique and his unique style of play.One that has fans around the world trying to copy in their attempts to play like him.

Their belief is that it is easy to perfect his technique and they try and take it to a whole new level in a 5-a-side match. It’s often frustrating to be sided with a player who tries way too hard to emulate his idol’s style of play,though on the rare occasion that they do manage to pull it off, it looks really good.

2. Always compare him to Maradona and Ronaldo

Messi fans will always compare the Argentine’s achievements with those of Cristiano Ronaldo and use that to showcase how the Barcelona man is better than his competitor.  

The two of them have always been pitted against each other, more so because they play for arch-rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid.


Similarly, die-hard Messi fans also always make the comparison between Messi and Argentinian legend Diego Maradona, as they look to try and justify how the current no.10 has proven himself to be better than Maradona.

3. Support Argentina because of Messi

Argentina fans with a Lionel Messi placard
Argentina fans with a Lionel Messi placard

Although Argentina has a very passionate set of supporters, a lot of fans outside the country support the Albiceleste, predominantly due to the presence of Lionel Messi.

If you look at Argentina’s performances in major tournaments during recent years, the team made it to the finals of both the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Copa America in 2015 and both times, the team was the fan favourite.

The fact that Messi is Argentinian is incentive enough for a big chunk of non-Argentine nationals to have a soft corner for the team, as their love for Messi pushes them to cheer for Argentina in the hope that they do well.

4. Obsession with No.10 jersey

It’s baffling how certain jersey numbers are coveted and the No.10 shirt is definitely the most preferred jersey for most young kids playing school level or college level football.

Unlike any other sport, the No.10 jersey in football carries with it a sense of prestige, a sign of respect and brings with it a certain expectation level.

The game’s all-time greats like Pele and Maradona have both donned the number during their playing days and generations of children worldwide grew up idolising them.

The player who gets the honour of wearing the No.10 is usually the best player on the team and Messi is arguably the best player on the planet at this moment.

There’s no better way to idolise your favourite player than by wearing the No.10 shirt for your football team or wearing his jersey while playing football.

To most of us, it’s just a number, but for fans of Messi, it’s more than just a number on the back of a shirt, it’s a way to honour their God.

5. Owning and wearing as much Messi merchandise as humanly possible

Original Leo Messi phone cases are available on in India
Original Leo Messi phone cases are available on in India

Fans of the little Argentine try their best to incorporate as much of his style on the field.

However, the closest fans generally get to imitating the four-time Ballon d’Or winner is by donning his shirt on the football pitch or by purchasing official Messi products available in the market.

Yes, ‘Lionel Messi starter packs’ are available in the market including his trademark Messi shin pads, which are common among his fans and it’s easily noticeable with the Argentine’s official logo printed right on the middle of the pad.

Now thanks to Daily Objects, customised Lionel Messi mobile phone cases are available easily in the market for a wide range of smartphones. This will allow fans of Barcelona’s talisman to show their appreciation and affiliation for Messi even more, as they can now flaunt their love for the Argentinian, with their phones as well.

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