6 Reasons why we love football so much

Football creates joy
Football creates joy
Dhruv Maniyar

It is not called the "beautiful game" without a reason.Β 

Football is the most popular sport in the world and for good reason. We all have our own individual reasons, on why we love football and how we started to love it. For some, the reasons are super simple. For others, they can be complicated. Whatever they are in this article I talk about 6 reasons why we as humans love football.

#1 An escape

Football acts as an escape
Football acts as an escape

Football often acts an escape from our normal life. We may have had a hard week and so the entire week we may look forward to that one weekend game. For those 90 minutes, we forget all our problems and focus on our team's problems. A goal scored by our team brings us joy and a goal conceded makes life harder.

Whatever the result, for those 90 minutes, we can completely immerse ourselves in football and forget about everything else.

#2 Simulation of life

Football generates emotions
Football generates emotions

Life is full of emotions and football in some ways brings out almost all of those emotions in ninety minutes. If our favourite player scores, we are happy. If our favourite player misses a penalty we are sad.

If the referee makes a bad decision we are angry. If our team loses we are disappointed. If our team is under attack we are nervous and if our team is attacking we are excited. I could go on but simply put, football is ninety minutes of pure emotions, much like life.

#3 Larger than life

Santos, Brazil takes pride in star player Neymar's local rise
Santos, Brazil takes pride in star player Neymar's local rise

As humans, we have the innate tendency to be part of something that is larger than our own individual selves. We often, want to be part of something that others follow and believe in. Football is one answer to that. We all have our dreams and aspirations and many of those dreams and aspirations collide with others when it comes to football. This leads to fan clubs and friendships and an enhanced love for the game.

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Edited by Raunak J
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