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A club called FC Santa Claus in Finland

1.35K   //    26 Dec 2012, 09:44 IST
Here a nice story from Lappland about a football club based in Rovaniemi, Finland which is called FC Santa Claus. Yes, you read correctly a club with the name FC Santa Claus.Now if you all think there is a great story behind the club, then I will have to disappoint you. FC Santa Claus was formed only in 1993 when the two clubs Rovaniemen Reipas and Rovaniemen Lappi joint hands to form a strong club in Rovaniemi.

With Santa Claus being a key touristic attraction of the town of Rovaniemi, the football club couldn’t miss this opportunity to market itself to more people around Finland and even the world. But the social angle is very important at the club which looks at youth development and other social causes being a key to their work. They also like to tell the story about Santa Claus being a big football fan and while not working to sort out presents and getting them delivered, he used to kick a ball.

Currently FC Santa Claus plays in the third tier of Finnish football, having had the chance to gain promotion to the second division in 2010. Though they won their regional league, they failed in the playoffs.

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