Forever Red: A tribute to Daniel Agger


Of all the events that have transpired in the summer of 2014 involving Liverpool ranging from Suarez’s bite and his subsequent transfer to Barcelona, Pepe Reina being sidetracked and his transfer to Bayern Munich, Daniel Agger’s departure to Brondby is the one that will well and truly act as a sucker punch for most Liverpool fans.

The Danish centre back has been one of the classiest ball playing defenders in modern football. His composure on the ball, range of passing and his reading of the game are second to none. He possesses a ferocious left foot. But these traits are only one half of the reason why Agger is absolutely adored by the Kop.

Agger’s unflinching loyalty towards Liverpool Football Club is why fans from the red half of the Merseyside will always love him no matter what. Liverpool fans will get over Suarez very easily, the same way they got over Owen or Torres. For Suarez or Pepe Reina, it was just a matter of one of those Spanish clubs coming in and they would have left Liverpool in a heartbeat. That was never the case with Daniel Agger inspite of the fact that he had been subject of intense speculation for every summer since 2009.

YNWA inked forever

Manchester City offered 20 million for Daniel Agger. Daniel Agger tattooes “YNWA” on his knuckles and the rest is history. And this was not the first time he had spurned better offers from more successful clubs at the time. There is a story (perhaps an urban legend) which says that during the Hicks-Gillet era, Agger had left Galliani waiting in a restaurant in London because he wanted to stay with Liverpool.

Agger spurned off Barcelona’s advances in the summer of 2013. This is what he had to say regarding Barcelona’s interest, “If a move doesn’t happen then that’s that. I have a contract with Liverpool for another three years and if they want to keep me, they will keep me. I have spent eight years here. That has an effect on you. And because of that I am never going to lose the relationship I have with Liverpool if I, for example leave in three years when my contract expires.”

This is exactly what every football fan wants to hear from their players. And one will seldom get players who are willing to express that. Its really refreshing when for every Nasris, Clichys, Rooneys and Suarezs, there is someone like Agger who will stay loyal to the club no matter what without holding a gun over their club’s heads.

Liverpool fans could speak and write volumes about Agger’s allegiance to the club but that in no way should detract the readers from his footballing ability. Liverpool kept 10 clean sheets in the league last season. Agger started in 8 of those victories. Agger was the best centreback Liverpool had last season and there are no two ways about it.

Agger’s interviews were as straightforward as they can get. He would never mince his words or twist them around like when he spoke about City’s interest or his frustration at the lack of playing time and the freak injuries he had experienced. Those frank and candid interviews are another reason why Liverpool fans respect Agger.

This is what Dagger had to say about his transfer, “Liverpool have been such a big part of my life and my family’s lives for so long that leaving is extremely difficult. I wouldn’t leave here to go anywhere else (apart from Brondby) and that has been proven by my actions in recent seasons. I have turned down many offers to move to other Premier League and European clubs. I would like to thank the Liverpool supporters for the incredible backing they have given me in my time here and the warmth and generosity of spirit displayed to my family.”

This transfer hurts. Bringing in Lovrens, Sakhos and Illoris is never going to fill the huge void Agger’s departure leaves. Brendan Rodgers has improved the club by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years and Liverpool fans will always be behind his back. That does not mean that LFC fans have to agree with all his decisions. The decision to sell Agger well and truly sucks and Brendan has a task on his hands to show us that he made the right choice. Sort out that defence as soon as possible, Brendan.

Agger’s Liverpool career ends with a League Cup, FA Cup, a Community shield and a Runners Up medal in the Champions League. Not as many trophies as he would have expected when he joined the club. Injuries blighted a big part of Agger’s career with Liverpool and are a major reason for his premature departure from the club. Regardless, Agger will always be remembered fondly for his time on Merseyside and can be certainly called as a modern day legend.

Farvel Daniel Agger, du vil blive savnet. Hope you have a long, injury-free and a successful career ahead with Brondby and the Danish national team.

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