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Adidas Gloro Football Boots Review

2.24K   //    23 Mar 2015, 12:36 IST
Adidas Gloro Football Boots
Adidas Gloro Football Boots

There can be no football match without the football boots. They are an important part of a match. Adidas is the leading brand for new innovations and changes in football boots. They bring new football boots with new designs and colours. The latest football shoe designed by Adidas is Adidas Gloro Football Boots. It is a type of modern classical design and it comes with affordable price. It is not much costly for people also who cannot afford costly boots. Shoes should be affordable as  all want to purchase it for a better football match.

The Adidas Gloro comes in mainly six different colours. This is mostly to provide the players a choice between any colour that they like. The common colours are available which are liked by all players. It provides players with a different mix of colour combinations. The classical Black / White and clean White / Black Adidas Gloro Launch Colorways will be joined by four mainly Black Adidas Gloro Cleats, which feature a colorful outsole and tongue to stand out on the pitch.

Adidas Gloro F15 Soccer Cleats: 

The new Adidas Gloro Football boot comes with many changes. The forefoot area is made of soft Kangaroo Leather. This is done to give better control on the forefoot area. It also gives better ball control. The Kangaroo leather is also mixed with synthetic material to give more stability in the heel area. Stability is most needed in the heel area. The Adidas Gloro Football Boots is very lightweight and players will not feel a thing when they wear it. It will not be heavy for the players and they can play around comfortably.

The most remarkable feature of this boot is the elasticated tongue. Adidas mostly uses the field tested comfort frame outsole. The Firm Ground Sole plate of the new Adidas Gloro Football boot is designed with more and smaller studs for more comfort. Comfort is must in a football boot. The colourful versions of Adidas Gloro Football Boot has a coloured outsole. The coloured sole is to make the shoe visible from even far.

The Colours Available:

The main colour of this football shoe is black and it is used in all the shoes. The other colours are combined with the main colour. The many colours are  Black / White, White / Black, Black / Vivid Red, Black / Solar Blue, Black / Vivid Green and Black / Bright Yellow.

This new Adidas Gloro Football is available in the stores from 1st March, 2015. These will be available only in selected retailers. The arrival of this new boot will create a phenomenal effect in the markets. Adidas always creates new and better football boots. Every player is waiting eagerly for this boot. The comfort level of this football shoes will be next level and every player wants to try it on. It will all depend on what will happen will it will soon hit the markets.

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