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Alexandre Toledo: The one-legged goalkeeper

Aditi Prakash
3.34K   //    23 May 2014, 12:13 IST
Alexadre Toledo playing in an amateur match

In an awe inspiring story, Alexandre Toledo, a Brazilian goalkeeper who lost his leg in an accident, has refused to let his injury hinder his desire to play football. The 37 year old suffered multiple fractures in his leg following a motorcycle accident in 1996, the leg had to be  amputated a year later. Toledo currently plays for Moleque Travesso Football Club, an amateur football team in Sao Paolo, Brazil. 

Toledo was a professional player for a second division team before the accident and insisted on playing after. He explained that his current teammates were supportive of his decision, “We were together before the accident, during the accident and after the accident. If it weren't for football, I wouldn't have these friends that I have today, and I wouldn't have the opportunity to play."

Toledo vowed to live a normal life after the tragedy and is doing so – he has a family, a job in international logistics, his own house and continues playing 18 years after the accident. His 4 year old son, Gru , often accompanies him to the matches. Toledo says that training on Saturday morning is a big part of his life as it helps him relieve stress and maintain close friendships.

Players from opposing teams are surprised by his talents, as one player explained, “He has only got one leg and he plays football, he is a real example isn't he? I thought, he must be a good player, and that we would just have to wait and see what happens, and well we saw what happened, we didn't manage to score a goal against him!".

Toledo however insists that he doesn’t care what other players think of him.

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