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An open letter to Loris Karius from a Liverpool fan

14.21K   //    28 May 2018, 14:36 IST

Real Madrid v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final
It's time to get back up, Loris!

I really don't know where to begin because everything I write will only remind you of the night in your life that you want to forget, but don't you think it is cowardly to do that? Don't you think that you should face it rather than forget it?

I was dejected when Mohamed Salah left the pitch in tears, I was upset to see Dejan Lovren, Jordan Henderson and Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain cry, but I was heartbroken when you wept and approached the Liverpool fans in the stadium to apologise for your mistakes.

You will still probably receive abuses and threats, but there will be no one who hates you more than yourself at the moment. You wish you could back in time and change what happened. You wish you did not exist when the final whistle was blown. But, you decided to face your failure like a man and apologise to the 16,626 Liverpool fans in attendance.

A person is not defined by his failures, but by how he faces them and that's exactly how I will judge you. You are a goalkeeper and a goalkeeper's life is never easy. Any goalkeeper can have a bad game like you, but you just had it at the worst possible time. It happens.

Your bad game resulted in the broken hearts of many, but is there anyone more heartbroken than you? Is there any fan who wanted to get his hands on that Champions League trophy more than you? Is there anyone who feels like how you feel now?

You know you messed up and you wish you could sink into oblivion, but you had the guts to go up to the fans and beg for forgiveness. And that's where you succeeded.

It is the sign of a loser to stay down and cry, but you...You showed the signs of a winner, a fighter, a man! You might see people cursing you, but the first thing that this club of ours taught me was to never let anyone walk alone. And no matter what happens, we won't let you walk alone.

We will shout 'Karius! Karius! Karius!' the next time you stand between the sticks, but if you let this one match decide your career then that will be what upsets us the most.

Look at the two players who scored past you on the night. Often looked down at and disrespected by their own fans, but stepped up when for their team when it mattered the most.


Look at Lovren. He received death threats a few months ago just like you, but never let any of those get the better out of him. He rose above all the hate and proved his doubters wrong.

We believe in you Loris, and it's time to get back up and show us what you are all about.

Having said all this, I have to say that I am disappointed with you. Not for your performance, but for what you did on social media. You thanked us for backing you. Seriously, Loris?

We don't want your gratitude. If you really appreciate us and consider us a 'family' like you said, then show us. Go out there and make that Liverpool number one jersey yours for the years to come, and I am sure that everyone who lambasts you now will laud you tomorrow!

Remember, "At the end of the storm there's a golden sky".

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