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And the first finalist of the World Cup is...

Ilian Antonov
92   //    11 Jul 2018, 13:58 IST

A month full of emotions and surprising twists is about to end. The World Football Championship is waiting for its new champion. Only 4 teams reached the semifinals of the tournament. They have to define the new king of the world.

Will there be a Chess-Matt for Les Bleus, Lions and Devils?
Will there be a Chess-Matt for Les Bleus, Lions and Devils?

Will there be a Chess-Matt for Les Bleus, Lions and Devils?

The Blazers, as the Croats are known for designing their shirts, seem to have had the worst program to date. The victory over the two-time world champion Argentina, as well as the host of the World Cup - Russia, speak of the strong psyche of the team. Two wins in penalty shootouts are also a major success.

The French Blues went through the group stage, after which they won against a weak Argentina and a depleted Uruguay who were missing Cavani. However, they have not yet met the strongest teams in the league. The final four will be a real test for the French.

England was not one of the world's biggest favorites. Analysts talked about Germany, Brazil, Spain, but the Southgate boys managed to put together an outstanding team. So far, the team seems to be playing for penalty shootouts, and Harry Kane showed that it was not a problem for him.

The Red devils from Belgium have impressed. And 'impressed' is the mildest word that can be used to describe their performance. Power, power and exceptional talent. Even reserve footballers in the squad showed themselves as decent substitutes at the right time.

The boys seem to believe even more than necessary. Convinced in their victories, they sank the first half of the match against Panama, as well as about 60 minutes from the second round match against Japan. So far, this has not been fatal, but let's see if the third jug will break.

After dropping out of favorites, everyone can beat everyone. We look forward to the remaining 4 games and hope for many goals and positive emotions. The first finalist will become clear on Tuesday night and the teams of France and Belgium are ready for a show.

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