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Argentina will qualify for the 2018 World Cup, predicts Scientific Astrologer

12.50K   //    10 Oct 2017, 18:29 IST

It's not over yet!
It's not over yet!

Will FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia be without Messi and Argentina? Not a chance! Messi will definitely play. Argentina will qualify for the World Cup.

Lionel Messi has amongst the greatest horoscopes amongst all footballers to have walked on the face of the planet. Messi has Uranus, Planet-X (2007 RH283) and Planet Z (2008 FC76) in deep exaltation, a rare arrangement indeed, making him a legendary player.

It may be difficult to believe at this point in time, but Lionel is going through an astrologically ‘good’ period right now. Planet-X is transiting his first house of personality and has come into its own house after 60 years.

The fact that the World Cup will play in 2018 when Planet-X would be in full flow augurs well for Lionel. This position can help Messi attain the greatest high in his life. What else is left for Messi to achieve now than playing another World Cup and maybe even go on to win it?

Yes, Lionel has a great chance to do what he couldn’t do the last time with the Argentine team. If Argentina have a great chance to win the World Cup, then they can make it happen only if they play in the World Cup, which simply means that they will qualify for the World Cup.

The biggest factor that is creating roadblocks right now for Argentina is the horoscope of coach Jorge Sampaoli. Jorge was born in 1960 when Pluto, the most powerful planet in the universe was in its strongest yet a negative exaltation. Most of the 1958-61 borns achieve accolades overcoming the greatest of odds in life or have a tragic hue attached to their lives.

Be it Kapil Dev who won the 1983 Cricket World Cup after being a 500:1 outsider or a Maradona, Sanjay Dutt or Michael Jackson who had controversies in life after achieving legendary status, these children of Pluto don’t have it easy in life.

Sampaoli has had an uneventful life so far. At the peak of his coaching career, the team he is leading, Argentina, is going through a painful journey. It is good for Argentina and for Sampaoli. It will prepare them for the tougher challenges when they would be actually playing the World Cup.

This entire living-on-the-edge is actually a manifestation of Sampaoli’s chart and gives hope that he can achieve something grander once the team he leads qualifies for the World Cup. This is only a big blessing in disguise for Jorge and his team.


Will Argentina beat Ecuador or New Zealand? Will they finish fourth or fifth? How will the equations be after the end of the playoffs? All of these things don’t matter.

What matters is that Argentina will play the World Cup in 2018, the rest of the statistics will take care of themselves. This is just the lull before the storm, the tiger’s crouch before the pounce, the gloom before the sunrise. Expect the stars to shine brightly on the Argentines. It’s not over yet! 

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