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Arise, Manchester United, and March on to your Glory!

478   //    31 Aug 2018, 20:55 IST

Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
It is time for Manchester United to regroup with renewed vigour

Yes, it has been a tough week, a tough fortnight, a tough start to the season for Manchester United. We began with a decent performance against Leicester City, nothing too flashy or indicative of a treble-winning season. Then came the downward slide, a disastrous visit to the Amex Stadium, of which, the lesser said, the better.

The game to bounce back from defeat was against Spurs, at home, but it only made matters worse. The end of the game seemed to push United to the crazy mess, a tricky situation and the way back now is long, lonely and dark.

Let us not indulge in petty discussions of what went wrong. Our shortcomings and faults have been assessed endlessly over the week. Our faults have been projected with floodlights, our tactics have been dissected and we have been dismissed as a team by all. They see everything but choose to ignore the positives.

So they did not see Luke Shaw running down the wings, they did not see Fred bursting his lung out, they did not see the change from the dismal Brighton game. But we did, quietly optimistic, hoping for the storm to pass. True, there are improvements required, some immediate, others gradual, but there will always be improvements required. Even champions need improvements, and 3 games into the season, we are not even considered to be contenders now.

But there is one thing everyone tends to forget. When the going gets tough, Manchester United generally get going. We have been doing this for ages, even though not so much recently. We have been written off before, many times, in different circumstances and we have always returned to prove everyone wrong. We are, after all, the comeback kings, that "Never Say Die" attitude is embedded in our roots.

Managers will come and go, players will change and people will criticize. They will rip into over every mistake, they will deny us the credit we deserve, they will write us off, but they cannot take away our comeback tag. Because they know, we always have the ability to return from the trickiest situation on the field. It is what makes us dangerous, unpredictable and scary. It is our identity, so it is time for us to embrace it, acknowledge it and feel the strength it gives to our veins.

There's enough negativity surrounding the club as of now and it is time to be a little hopeful. Let us not hang our heads in shame any more. Arise, dust off those clothes, look up. Enough of this derogatory hatred towards us, brush them aside. Forget the humiliation, the pains, the criticism. Look at the badge, hear the millions of fans around the world screaming for you, feel the force of the million cheering voices in your arms and legs. Feel their hands on your shoulders and rise now.

It is time to regroup before the visit to Turf Morr. Every opponent who stands ahead of you deserves their place. Do not underestimate them, but do not be afraid. Arise Red Devils! Clench your fists, grind your teeth. Let the fire return to your eyes and let your heart pump it through your veins. Let it burn you inside, and allow it only to be quenched by the sweet smell of victory.

Assemble and bind yourselves to each other in spirit. You are not just a team anymore, you are a force. Bruised, battered and thrown to the side, but you are not drained of your relentlessness. Not yet, you have another day to fight, another day to defeat. Arise and announce to the World that we are ready.

On Sunday, you march to a war, a battle against those who doubt us, detest us and laugh at our troubles. On Sunday, as you walk to the field, look within and find the champion inside you. Fuel that desire for glory, nurture that thirst for victory. Arise and be the Champion now. Arise, Red Devils and march on to your glory!

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