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Arsenal:as we know them of the recent past

669   //    14 Mar 2011, 01:09 IST

Three weeks, three losses and out of three competitions. Simply Arsenal. Familiar state when they reach the crunch part of the season. Injuries, unable to ground out results and poor mentality has cost the Gunners yet again. It all started out on that day in the Wembley. Up against a mediocre but resilient Birmingham side, Arsenal appeared toothless in attack and their ever suspect defence stood up to its reputation. Good football, total football, tiki taka passing style are all too fancy and abundant in them. What really is lacking in them though is the menatality. The horrendous mix up between Koscielny Szczesny continued the title draught for them. The most evident weakness in them is spoken about and known by almost every football dan. The absence of a world class centre back and a goalkeeper. Sadly for them, amongst all Wenger’s geniusness, his stubbornness has hit them hard again. What persists him to continue is anybodys’ guess, but what is persistinf them is the sustained title draught.

Teams with full armory find it short against a full strength Barcelona at the Nou Camp. The Gunners found themselves in a bowl of uncertainity before the game and were lost in an unfair maze with no exit. With every star and fate deciding laws against them, the Gunners were massacred bit emotionally. With no shots on target and a mere 29% ball possession, even the dead wouldn’t have complained about this death. Post match saga was just venom out of a baby snake and reasoning its inability to kill the parent snake. What should have prompted a heartless and fearless display here turned out to be the continuation of  the nightmare of Arsenal Football Club.

Arsenal have become a hollywood movie with abundant life and yet a lifeless ending. With every sequel similar, the plot alone differs. The finla wrench in the heart struck them in the recent loss to Manchester  United in the FA Cup quartefinals. With United putting up a virtual B grade side, the once epic clash appeared to have lost its sheen. The excuses for the Gunners are wearing down thin and fast. With only themselves to blame, this club has lost all its sympathy. The implications are simple- the wound only gets deeper. With what appears a lost cause, the game might not be over yet.In the race for the Premier League what remains for Wenger is to find some much needed cheat codes to boost his team or concede the game. We have been taught that wounded dogs bite harder, but in this case the biting is being done to itself. It has become a tale of Arsenal: as we know them of the recent past.

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