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Arsene Wenger admits Robin van Persie lacked belief in him

Arsene Wenger said some players were impatient

According to Arsene Wenger, Robin van Persie did not believe that Arsenal could win the Premier League again under his command and so left for Manchester United.

Speaking after Cesc Fabregas’s interview with The Guardian, in which the midfielder said that the Arsenal players lacked self-confidence and that he would like to come back to Arsenal one day, Arsene said, “Some players [who left], sometimes were impatient.

“When they reach near 30, if they feel they cannot win the Premier League, they go somewhere where they feel they can win it.

“If we added all the players who have left, I would have a selection problem, but I still have one because I have plenty of good players now.

“Cesc was a different situation because he left Barcelona when he was 16, he is a Barcelona boy and Barcelona had the best team in the world. It was a little a little bit different.

I hope he is right that he will come back one day. It shows that he has kept fond memories of this club and I am happy that players who have his intelligence and knowledge will come back some day. I will watch them from up there somewhere.”

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