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Arsene Wenger feels FIFA's transfer ban on Real Madrid will be overturned, reiterates doping stance

Sunaadh Sagar
3.04K   //    15 Jan 2016, 19:15 IST
Wenger Arsenal Press Conference
The Arsenal manager feels that FIFA’s transfer ban on Real Madrid will not be enforced

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger feels Real Madrid will not have to worry about their transfer ban, as the Frenchman is certain that Real Madrid’s appeal will be successful. Wenger hinted at his belief that Real Madrid will not suffer the same fate as that of their rivals, Barcelona allowing the Madrid giants to operate as normal.

Wenger was quizzed about Madrid’s transfer ban in his pre-match press conference, as Arsenal travel to Stoke City on Sunday. The Frenchman was asked if the transfer ban would result in a spike in January transfer activity as Real Madrid would have needed to accelerate their transfer dealings.

However, the Frenchman spoke of the inevitability of the appeals process, taking a slight dig at FIFA, saying “I thought a bit like that when I heard that news, but straight away they will appeal. The appeal will cancel the ban, and they will be allowed to buy in the next two transfer windows like they did before. That's what will happen.”

Real Madrid share Wenger’s certainty, as their director general reiterated that the club’s January transfer strategy would remain unchanged, as the club are confident of their appeal succeeding.

Wenger confident FIFA will be stricter about doping

While Wenger was slightly mocking about FIFA enforcing the transfer ban on Real Madrid, the Arsenal manager was far more complimentary about football’s governing body, regarding their intentions to curb doping in the sport.

Wenger has been outspoken about the need for stricter drug testing in football, previously opining that doping was rampant in football. He reiterated his stance, saying “In football for a long time we ignored absolutely doping. I have alerted the authorities a few times. I have been interviewed because of that because I spoke in my press conferences against doping, and I will maintain that.

“I think for a long time maybe we were too neglecting. Now I think UEFA and FIFA will tackle the problem really seriously in the coming years.”

Wenger spoke of his disdain for drug cheats, saying “When you are in sport you suffer when you don't win, so at least you want to know that the guy who wins is better than you without cheating. And I said many times that we celebrated heroes who were in fact only cheats.”

“We have to make sure all together that that doesn't happen.”

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