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Barcelona to play in Ligue 1?

8.75K   //    26 Nov 2012, 10:12 IST

Barcelona could be playing in the French League if the Catalunya people vote in favour of independence, says mayor Xavier Trias, who told AFP:

“We (Catalunya) do not have the possibility of a competitive league. We would have very few teams and Barcelona will need to join another league. That could be the French or the Spanish one.

“Many years ago, the club was a reference point for everyone and was a bit like the national team of Catalonia. They play well and also represent a particular style of doing things. That makes us proud.

“We do not have the possibility of a competitive league. There would be very few teams and we would have to join another league – we could adhere to the Spanish league or perhaps the French league. Years back, in the time of the (Franco) dictatorship, the club was a reference point for everyone in Catalonia and it was said that Barca was more than a club.”

About five million Catalans will be voting in parliamentary elections on Sunday, and many are expected to favor pro-independence parties.

Catalans living in France would be involved closely too.

EU officials have warned an independent Catalonia would have to apply for membership in the EU – not an idea that appeals to many Catalans. A poll shows support for independence falling from half to 37 per cent if it means leaving the EU: re-entry could be blocked by a vengeful Spain.

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