Best FIFA 14 formation for crossing

S. Kh4ling

Best FIFA 14 formation for crossing

FIFA 14 allows you to play the beautiful game as you want and also allows you to score the most spectacular goals. There are many ways one can score, from counters dribbles, long-shots to just tap-ins, the range is huge, but one of the most popular and eye-catching methods is scoring through a cross. Crossing in the game is a huge asset and a tool in creating the most beautiful goals and so teams are sometimes built for such situations. Let’s look at two formations that really allow high frequency of crosses.


The 4-3-3 formations, with two wingers and one center-forward is an ideal formation for crossing. The wings need to be fast and should be able to run the ball down the wing to whip in crosses. Proper timing and position of the striker is all that you need for a goal. The strength of the cross should also be controlled otherwise you will find yourself hiking the ball up all the way to the other winger, completely missing the forward in between. The center-forward should ideally be tall and strong to see chances converted into goals. If the striker is small and also not too strong then, taking a little time and crossing it to him when he is in a free position will work better.

Best FIFA 14 formation for crossing


The classic 4-4-2 formation, with two wingers and two strikers up front, works even better for crossing. The wingers again can play down the line, widening the defense and allowing the strikers some free space in the box. The wingers can put in crosses from the sides and this time, they will be two strikers, who can try for the oncoming ball. Having an extra man in the box, gives much help in a crossing game. The extra man can draw defenders, leaving the other striker freer to score. Also with two strikers in the box, the wingers now have two options they can take, instead of the lone-striker they have to keep crossing too, when in formations using a single forward. Furthermore, if one of the striker’s shot rebounds off the post or the keeper, the other one is free to collect and tap it in.Β 

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