10 Best football shoes, boots and cleats in India under 3000 (2016-17)

Football boots
Sinjan Ballav

The role football boots play in scripting the success of a footballer often goes unnoticed. Even the most skilful shot or that deft turn to go past a player needs immense help from the shoes the footballer is wearing.

The best players in the world play with the best shoes, custom made for them by top manufacturers in the world. Football boots nowadays are lighter, more aerated and made with the latest innovation to give that extra edge to a player from his counterparts.

Football cleats come in all shapes and sizes, and of course prices. Most branded shoes will cost you a fortune and an occasional day in the football field doesn’t warrant shoes of such a hefty price (unless you’re rich, of course). For most football fans like us, a good pair of football boots is a necessity.

Here are 10 best football boots you can own under the price cap of Rs. 3000 without burning a hole in your pocket.

#10 Nivia Compass

nivia compass

Nivia is a sports equipment manufacturer based in India and has a huge market base in this country. Nivia almost always comes up with low priced products without compromising on the quality. Nivia football shoes are one of the most popular shoes among amateur players in India.

The company breaks away from the traditional designs by developing the Nivia Compass which is both modern in design and great to play with. The Nivia Compass boasts a splendid design in yellow and black with printed compass patterns on the sides of the shoe and is made perfectly to adapt to playing on all kinds of surfaces.

Comfort is enhanced by the use of padded footbed. A rounded front enables the perfect grip you are looking for while striking the ball. Nivia surely creates one great football shoe in the low price range for every football fan to own.

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#9 Admiral Johnson

Admiral Johnson

Not many of you might be familiar with Admiral , but it is a British sportswear company which was the first to appear on the kit of an English top flight football team in Leeds United way back in 1973. Admiral, back in the 70s and 80s manufactured kits for big teams like Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur and the England National team.

Though not very popular in India, Admiral also produces great quality football shoes which bear a modern and sleek design. Their red and black Admiral Johnson is a gem to look at and also delivers on the performance aspect.

The diagonally chequered stitches on the top of the boot compliment the faded stripes on the side. ‘Admiral’ is written on the sides of the boots in red or blue giving it a very modern look. Made from top quality materials, the Admiral Johnson doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance and being pocket-friendly.

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#8 Diadora Terminator

Diadora Terminator

Diadora has some high profile football players under their sponsorship currently which includes Italian stars such as Francesco Totti and Antonio Cassano. The Italian company is often underrated in India but is a major sports brand worldwide.

Diadora has produced another appealing pair of football shoes in the Diadora Terminator which is lasting as well as affordable. The Diadora Terminator boasts of a wonderful design in white and blue featuring an artificial leather top which gives it a sturdy finish.

‘Terminator’ runs across the sides of the laces which are covered by a tongue with Velcro. The rounded tip of the shoe gives extra comfort and grip when striking the ball. Padded footbed and cushioned ankles enable more protection while playing.

If you’re looking for some good studs in a relatively low budget, this Diadora Terminator boots is something you should opt for.

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#7 FILA Malvolio

 FILA Malvolio

FILA is one of the largest sports brands in the world. Initially founded in Italy, FILA now runs from South Korea. They are the kit sponsor of several lower league teams in England and have a knack for producing good football equipment though it is sometimes hugely underrated.

The FILA Malvolio is surprisingly light and comes at less than 250 grammes per shoe. It’s a shoe designed for performance-oriented players and is perfect for training sessions. The upper surface is synthetic and comes with a good inner mesh lining. The sole is made of rubber and the cleats are permanent fits on the bottom of the shoe.

What makes the FILA Malvolio so good is that it offers a perfect balance of weight, flexibility and protection and therefore one of the best football boots around in the particular price range.

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#6 Nivia Dynamite

Nivia Dynamite

Nivia comes up with another great shoe in the low price range with the Nivia Dynamite. An impeccably pretty pair to look at, the Nivia Dynamite is a blockbuster. Nivia, which is a very popular sports equipment brand in India rarely disappoints when it comes to football shoes.

The Nivia Dynamite comes in a trendy blue design with circular patterns on the body. It is the perfect pair of boots to flaunt your style on the football field. The boots are enhanced by the panel and stitch detail on the surface. The textured sole and padded footbed gives extra comfort while playing, seamless meeting the requirements of amateur football players in India.

With it coming at a price less than Rs. 2000, the Nivia Dynamite is surely one of the football boots to try if you want to up your style statement as well as hit a sweet free kick on the football ground.

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#5 Diadora Bambino

Diadora Bambino

Diadora is an Italian sportswear and accessory manufacturer who are known to produce great shoes. Though initially renowned for their tennis shoes, Diadora entered the football market and have managed to represent some of the best players in the past such as George Weah and Roberto Baggio.

Though Diadora doesn’t have a huge presence in India compared to some other brands, they sure do make a mean pair of boots. The Diadora Bambino is a sleek football shoe with the classic black and white colour combination. Playing becomes easier with the Diadora Bambino because of its padded footbed and cushioned ankles, giving the feet necessary comfort and protection.

The Diadora Bambino boasts of a wonderful synthetic leather finish and is also incredibly light for a shoe of this price range. The Diadora Bambino is surely a boot to get.

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#4 Puma Classico TT Football Shoe

Puma Classico TT Football Shoe

Puma is one of the world’s leading sports brands with a very special place in the football world. Puma, in the past, has sponsored legendary footballers like Pele, Maradona and Johan Cruyff and currently are the kit sponsors of top clubs such as Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund.

Puma is known for developing top quality football shoes for players around the world and has established a huge presence in India over the past few years.

The Puma Adreno TT football shoe combines the classic black look with a modern mesh design to give it an ideal touch and fit. The soft synthetic leather on the upper side gives the shoe a great feel. The Puma Adreno TT has multiple rubber studs and is best suited for turf surfaces. And what’s better is that it comes at a fairly low price for a brand of Puma’s stature.

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#3 Nivia Destroyer

Nivia Destroyer

Nivia ‘s huge market base in India rests upon their ability to make quality sports equipment at an affordable price for fans. Nivia almost always comes up with great products which are both pocket-friendly and good to look at. Nivia football shoes are one of the most popular shoes among amateur players.

The Nivia Destroyer range of football boots offers a splash of colours in different combinations of pink and yellow, purple and yellow and red and white.

It has ‘Destroyer’ printed in a funky font across the top of the shoe giving it an incredibly appealing look.

The Destroyer series is hugely popular in India because of the design it offers at such a low price. Nivia boots are always made of quality materials and therefore is a trustworthy option. The Nivia Destroyer is hands down the best football shoes available below Rs. 1000.

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#2 Adidas Men’s X 15.4 TF

Adidas Mens X 15.4 TF

Adidas, along with Nike, is one of the two biggest sports equipment manufacturers in the world. Adidas boasts of representing some of the biggest clubs in world football including Real Madrid, Manchester United and Bayern Munich. Arguably the best player on the planet, Lionel Messi, is sponsored by Adidas and produces exclusive ‘Messi’ range of football boots.

Adidas uses the latest technologies and designs into making their football shoes. The Adidas X 15.4 TF has a funky and modern design with a leopard-like pattern on the surface. Made with quality products which give a perfect fit for the feet, the Adidas X 15.4 is one of the best shoes around at the relatively low price range and is best suited for Astro turfs.

If you have a thing for brands but are low on budget, the Adidas X 15.4 TF is definitely the way to go in your search for low- priced football boots.

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#1 Nike Bravata FG

Nike Bravata FG

American company Nike is one of the premier sports equipment company in the world. Nike has sponsored eminent football players like Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar and also some of the biggest clubs in world football including Barcelona and Manchester United.

Nike comes up with innovative football boots using the latest technologies which make them the foremost manufacturer of football boots in the world.

The Nike Bravata football shoes adopt the classic black design with the trademark Nike swoosh in white across the length of the boots. The simple yet elegant design is a treat to the eye as well as the feet. The Nike Bravata uses the 'techfit' technology which guarantees that the shoes are comfortable to play with.

Nike shoes generally don’t come cheap. However, Nike packs a punch into the Bravata and offers it at a relatively low price compared to other shoes from them which make it the best shoe around in the price range.

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