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Best goalkeepers in Fifa 14

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Goalkeepers are the cheapest components of your Fifa team. They range between 4m to 20m. If you are out looking for a good goalie, to match your needs, then you’ve come to the right place. At a big club like United and Arsenal, you’re bound to have class goalies like Szczensy or De Gea who have the potential to make it big.

But if you’re at City and don’t fancy Hart(Most of us don’t) then ideal replacements would be

  1. Diego Lopez who is Real’s second goalie
  2. Guaita from Valencia 
  3. Salvatore Sirigu
  4. Fernando Muslera
  5. Rui Patricio

Manuel Neuer is the only goalie who has the potential to go above 90. He’s expensive, but if you possess the funds, totally worth it. 

If you’re at Barca, Real or Juve and don’t have the greatest second goalie and you’re looking to replace your senior stakesmen like Casillias or Buffon, then the likes of

  1. De Gea
  2. Courtois (will be available only in the second season) 
  3. Lloris  
  4. Muslera can be picked instead of him, in the first season. 
    One of the best reflex goalies in Fifa

Now the question arises, what’s the major difference between goalies if they have the same OVR?  Rookie mistake. The likes of Buffon and Casillias are brilliant shot stoppers but are comparitively slower off their line to the likes of Lloris or De Gea. Hence, if you play with a team who play a high line, the likes of  Lloris and De Gea are brilliant. If you’re a team who needs a brilliant shot stopper as you’re weak while defending corners, the likes of Buffon and Cech are perfect. 

Goalies never really have a speed attribute of above 70-75. Any one who has an attribute above 60 is fast, so you’ll have to check out his positioning stat to ensure it’ll work with your high line strategy. 

Moving on to the 3-4 starred teams, like Southampton,Fulham and Sevilla. 

Players who start with those teams generally have budgets of around 10 mil.,

Ter Stegen(Monchengladbach)
Leno(Bayer 04)


All those players start with OVR’s in and around 80 and cost 7-13 mil. 

This could be how you go about picking your top goalie with a reasonable budget. 

Your next question would be, I manage Burnley, who do I sign. Ideally you could take out players like Janis Blaswich, Anders Lindergaard or any other good second goalie on loan until you make it to the big leagues and have the budget for a good buy. 

If you want a goalie for your team on a permanent basis, then get

  1. Rulli of AS Monaco
  2. Bonilla from Athelic Nacional
  3. Alphones Areola from PSG. 

Nicola Leali is on loan in the first season but is the best young goalie available. If you’re willing to wait a season, then you could get him. 

And if you’re at a half star team or a one star team, with a meager budget, go for  
1. Simone Scuffet from Udinese 
2. Jesse Gonzalez from FC Dallas 

So, work out your strategy on how your team plays and pick a goalie for that style with the corresponding attribute and budget.

If you have any doubts regarding the article or players you must buy, please leave questions below in the comment section. 

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