Fans react: Best memes after Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the El Clasico

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo before the #ElClasico

Real Madrid ended Barcelona's unbeaten streak which a bunch of Madrid fans loved. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal against Barcelona even more fans loved. And Lionel Messi failed to impact the game by neither recording an assist, a goal or anything of actual importance.

Nonetheless, here's looking at the best memes and fan art from the El Clasico.

This is what *actually* happened
Zinedine Zidane leads a Thug Life
Barcelona fans right now

Barcelona's supposed formation: 4-3-3-3
Referees be like...
Some dramatic meme, this.

*Nothing to say*

"Hey, anyone seen Messi?" – "Mind checking Casemiro's pockets?"



Blockbuster of the season.

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