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Video: A disguised Cristiano Ronaldo surprises child on street

Cristiano Ronaldo in the disguise of a homeless man leaves a whole street surprised with his stunt.

News 04 Aug 2015, 09:54 IST

Ronaldo Disguise.jpg

In a promotional video for ROC Live Life Loud, Cristiano Ronaldo disguised as a homeless man spent over an hour on a street juggling and performing tricks with the ball. He attempted to get the people on the street involved as well as he passed the ball to them and asked some others to try and get the ball away from him.

While no one recognised Ronaldo, there were a few that engaged the homeless man and played with him. One kid, however, stood out as Ronaldo asked him to show off his best and at that point Ronaldo signed the ball and gave it to the boy while taking off his make-up.

It provoked a reaction from passers-by that you would expect in the presence of Ronaldo. A moment of silence was followed by raucous cheers and the people hounding the Portuguese superstar. The Real Madrid man then walked away among throngs of his fans leaving the little boy with the ball stunned and emotional.

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