Cristiano Ronaldo's changing hair-styles over the years


Cristiano Ronaldo is probably one of the most fashionable personalities on earth. Widely acclaimed as the most stylish footballer in Europe at the moment, he has donned a variety of hair-styles over the years. Here’s a look at some of Ronaldo’s most famous hairstyles:

#10 The First Look

Simple messy curls. When he came first came to international limelight, his hair was not as heavily styled as we see today. It was messy all around and looked bulky.

#9 2004

As a new signing for Manchester United, Rolando turned his messy hair into a cool, gelled and closely cropped cut to give him a new professional look.

#8 Levis Armani Camapaign

Campaigning for Levis-Armani, Cristiano Ronaldo dyed his front hair blonde to highlight a new type of mohawk. The style was certifiably 'cool' and yeah, the campaign worked very well too.

#7 2007

With his soaring reputation, Ronaldo started making himself look increasingly more fashionable. This 2007 look was probably his most popular of all. Cropped sides and slightly cropped back; the hair at the top was gelled and pulled back with spikes coming together to form a wave. It was a mohawk re-defined.

#6 2008

After winning the FIFA Player of the Year award, Cristiano Ronaldo gelled his mohawk lightly to give himself a professional and sophisticated look. His hairstyle went well with his suit and the trophy too.

#5 2009-10

Now at Real Madrid, Ronaldo's hairstyle changed quite a bit. The mohawk was gone but the sides were still cropped. The top hair was settled with a few strands gelled to his forehead.

#4 2009-10

Another look for the season, he further shortened his middle hair to resort back to the mohawk. But this time around it was short and simple.

#3 2011

Playing for Protugal, Ronaldo zeroed his sides leaving only the middle hair, and then pulled it back to give himself a sporty look.

#2 2011-12

Hair-loss problems had no effect on CR7, as he managed his best hairstyles well. The side of the mohawk had two cuts giving him edges and a fluidic look. This hairstyle inspired many other stars too.

#1 2014

Continuing with the Real Madrid, this hairstyle proved lucky for him. Inspired from the past, the mohawk continued to be appealing. Gelled top hair and cropped sides gave him some much-needed coolness. He looked great, and he claimed the mohawk to be his all-time favourite.

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