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Cristiano Ronaldo throws a tantrum after being nutmegged at Real Madrid practice

Ronaldo gets a taste of his own medicine.

Nutmegs are the ultimate insult for a footballer who is on the receiving end of the spectrum. So when Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo became the subject of Marcelo’s laughter after being nutmegged by Danilo in training, it didn’t please the Portugal captain one bit.

The former Manchester United winger has embarrassed many a defender in his career but didn’t enjoy it when he was made to taste his own medicine.

While playing Rondo in training, Danilo played a nutmeg pass through Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs. The Portugal captain wasn’t aware of what actually happened and kept on chasing the ball. However, with Marcelo screaming with laughter, the number 7 realized what had happened and showed his displeasure at the situation.

Marcelo, however, didn’t seem to understand what all the fuss was about as he seemed to enjoy it and hugged Danilo on congratulatory terms. Once again, Cristiano Ronaldo shrugged his shoulder, perhaps red-faced, in a gesture that seemed like, ‘what’s the big deal about it,’ to the Brazilian left-back.

Cristiano Ronaldo was clearly unhappy at Marcelo for the reaction. The former Fluminese starlet was also bemused at the former Sporting whizkid’s response, unsure whether such a silly matter warranted such an outcome.

However, that wasn’t all. After settling down with Marcelo, the Portuguese still seemed angered by the footballing insult that he faced at the hands of the former Porto full-back as he concluded his tantrum by kicking the ball towards the part of the stands where journalists had seated themselves.

According to AS, Cristiano Ronaldo was quoted saying to the media in the stands: ‘Now you have something to put later, eh? Cristiano is angry. Now you have material for two days!'

By the end of the video, however, the Portugal number 7 was seen smiling and waving at the media people in the stands.

The funniest part in all this was Gareth Bale’s reaction. The Welsh international just stood there, watching the happenings around him with a clueless face as he seemed to know not what to do in such an awkward scenario.

Real Madrid’s next opponent are Real Betis in La Liga. They play away from home and would like to end their drawing streak of four games with a win.

Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale have been in poor form of late. Marcelo’s absence due to injury has also hampered the Galacticos’ attacks from the left-wing as the Brazilian and the Portuguese share a great camaraderie on the pitch and would like to put this training ground incident behind them and lift Real Madrid back to winning ways.

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