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Cristiano Ronaldo's wonderful gesture to Mexico's earthquake struck family

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Portugal Ace Cristiano Ronaldo in National duty.
Portugal ace Cristiano Ronaldo on national duty.

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico City last Tuesday, taking lives of more than 300 citizens and living thousands on streets. Stories of victims and survivors have begun to emerge as days past by.

One such story was that of Santiago Flores Mora, a six-year-old boy, who was a victim of the earthquake, as he lost his life in his elementary school, that collapsed due to an earthquake.

Distressed parents of Santiago took to social media to let Santiago's greatest Idol know about their child in a heart-breaking letter addressed to Portuguese ace - Cristiano Ronaldo.

Santiago's parents letter to Cristiano Ronaldo
Santiago's parents letter to Cristiano Ronaldo

The letter reads:

"Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo.

We are writing you in pain as our son Santiago Flores Mora got trapped in Enrique Rebsamen School. He was a second-grade student, and he would have turned seven today. Our reason to get in touch with you is because he was your biggest fan, he'd write your name everywhere, and recently, he'd fill out all school notes with his name written as 'Santiago Flores Mora Cristiano Ronaldo.'"

Attached to this letter is the jersey his father bought him. He asked him to have it stamped with your name, and since he didn't do so, he kept on re-writing it with a marker as many times as he needed to. 

I just wanted you to now that my son dreamed about meeting you. Now he's gone and I'm writing you in such pain, because I never thought about the love and respect he showed for you. As I dropped him off in school, he told me 'today I'll have my best football game, it will be a Clásico and I'm Cristiano Ronaldo, I'll help my team give Barca a beating.We created an email for one of his subjects. He chose the username "santycristianofm", with his password being cristianoronaldo. The way he looked up to you is unmatched. He said that, when he grew up, he'd become a history teacher like his father and a footballer, just like the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo.


I don't know if you're too busy, but I just wanted to let you know that my son looked up to you as if you were his own father, there wasn't anyone he looked up to more than his father and yourself. Thanks for being who you are, because my son never ceased to look up to you."

After the letter was uploaded on social media, fans and journalists all over the world did their best to try and make it go viral, in a bid to have it reach Cristiano Ronaldo, at the soonest.

But, nobody actually expected it to reach Cristiano, and the chances of him reading it were even slimmer.

But, Cristiano Ronaldo surprised everyone with his tweet today, with a heart-warming picture and message to Santiago's family and all of those who suffered in the earthquake, showing his kind and humble nature, once again.

"At this time of sorrow, I send the Santiago family and all the families who have lost loved ones a huge hug."

is what the tweet translates to.

It's a great gesture by Cristiano Ronaldo to the family, who lost their very dear child, showing that he truly is a great idol for his fans, including Santiago. He once again showed that he cares the most for his fans and does as much as he can for them.

We hope that Cristiano's message reaches Santiago's parents and it helps lessen their pain, even if it's by just a little. We also pray for Santiago and all the others who lost their lives in the earthquake, and pray that the souls of all the deceased rest in peace.

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