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Debatable Decisions EPL – Week 11

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Week Eleven of the Premier League season and I found myself worrying that the officials had done too good a job last weekend when I could only find four big decisions to cover from the Saturday games. Thankfully they stepped up to the mark and provided a host of dubious calls on Sunday, a surprising amount of which featured penalty shouts. Who would have thunk it? Enjoy!

Arsenal – Fulham

Ruiz Penalty

Simon M – An out of character mistake from Arteta and some desperate defending from the Spaniard to make up for it. I think it’s clear that he’s all over Ruiz and Ruiz does well to stay on his feet as long as he does.

Simon F – A clear penalty, Arteta bundles Ruiz over after losing the ball.

David – Pulling the shirt, pushing with the forearm, certainly a foul. Started outside the box though, so I think it should have been a free.

Callum – Ruiz has got lucky there, as the foul started outside.

Michael – Arm around midriff pulling Ruiz back, other arm on between his shoulders pushing him down, and very little detectable interest in the ball. One of the easiest penalty decisions you’ll see.

Overall Verdict – Correct Decision

Arshavin Penalty

Simon M – He’s tucking his arm in behind his back and moving his arm away from the ball, yet the referee seems to indicate that he’s moving it towards the ball. Bizarre decision.

Simon F – Very harsh, the defender’s arm is down by his side and he’s attempting to get it even further out of the way. Not a penalty for me.

David – Arms down, it’s just not an unnatural position, I think he moves to get it out of the way. As frustrating as it can be for the team that see’s a cross deflected, this isn’t a penalty. Incorrect decision.

Callum – Now that’s unfortunate. The defender was putting his arm behind his back, unfairly penalised.

Michael – Ah the mandatory handball penalty shout! Seems very harsh to me. Barely enough time for the defender to react at all and with what time he has he is clearly trying to get his hand out of the way. I wouldn’t have given it.

Overall Verdict – Incorrect Decision

Southampton – Swansea

Lallana Penalty Shout #1

Simon M – I don’t think I see anything that would make a player go down here. It looks like there might be contact coming in and Lallana prepares for it by going to ground.

Simon F – Lallana clearly anticipates that he’s going to be taken out and goes does, straight out of the Gareth Bale school of diving.

David – I’ve replayed this loads of times. I’m not convinced there is contact.

Callum – One day, Ashley Williams will give away a penalty. Lucky to get away with that, but I can see why it hasn’t been given.

Michael – I don’t think there was much in this one. Looked to me as if Lallana was going nowhere and decided to chance his arm. No Penalty.

Overall Verdict – Correct Decision

Lallana Penalty Shout #2

Simon M – Obstruction is a bit of a bug bear for me, defenders shouldn’t be expected to move out of the way and let attackers play through e.g. the Evans penalty in the Man Utd Braga game, but it’s completely different if the defender deliberately moves into the path of the attacker and blocks him, which Monk does.

Simon F – It’s just inside the penalty area, and Monk delivers a textbook ice hockey hip-check on Lallana. A definite penalty.

David – I can’t see this as just a coming together, I think he moves his body in such a way as to deliberately impede the attacked without going for the ball. Penalty.

Callum – Now that’s a penalty. Monk hasn’t even tried to play the ball, and has fouled Lallana. Incorrect decision.

Michael – Definite penalty this one. The defender touched the ball but touching the ball does not necessarily equate to winning the ball.

Overall Verdict – Incorrect Decision

Man City – Spurs

Adebayor Penalty Shout

Simon M – I think i’d have given this, Adebayor is barged over and whilst he might not have made much of the play or got to the ball he was denied the opportunity to at least try and make a go of it.

Simon F – Adebayor is clearly given a little shove out of the way, preventing him from challenging for the ball. Borderline, but I’d have given a penalty.

David – I think he gets shoved here, by the right arm of Kompany. I’d give it.

Callum – If anything, there should be a penalty for that Kung-Fu kick on Lennon. Think there’s case for the penalty shout too, as he’s been sandwiched there.

Michael – I think Adebayor needs to be stronger here. Nothing wrong with a bit of a physical tussle and the defender was simply stronger and eased him out of the way. Good defending. No penalty.

Overall Verdict – Incorrect Decision

Gallas Possible Handball In Area

Simon M – His arm is up in the air and out to the side for no apparent reason, with the ball being blocked by that arm I think a penalty has to be given.

Simon F – There’s not much distance between defender and ball, but his arm is out, away from his body when there is no need for it, so I’d have given a penalty.

David – Arm up high, significant deflection of ball to his advantage…penalty for me

Callum – Handball. Should have been given.

Michael – I’ll refer to my ‘hand ball check list’ here immediately and it fails the first test – there was no time for the defender to react and give us any indication as to whether or not it was preventable. Therefore, I don’t think you can give a penalty against him.

Overall Verdict – Incorrect Decision

Zabaleta Penalty Shout

Simon M – Blimey. I watched this game and the officials had a shocker, three incorrect penalty decisions and countless incorrect offside calls. This is a stonewaller.

Simon F – How this wasn’t given is beyond me. Huddlestone makes no attempt to get the ball, simply runs into Zabaleta. One of the proverbial ‘stonewall’ penalties.

David – Defender knows exactly what he is doing here. He runs into Zabaleta, because he knows the City man is clean past him if he doesn’t. Penalty.

Callum – That’s a penalty as well. Huddlestone has made very little attempt to win the ball, only trying to take Zabaleta out of the game.

Michael – Very difficult to make a case in defence of Tom Huddlestone on this one. His focus is singularly on taking out the man. It was not canny defending like ushering him away from the ball or easing him off it. It was just an obvious piece of foul play. I don’t think this could have been any more a blatant penalty if he had raised an eyebrow and Rock Bottomed him.

Overall Verdict – Incorrect Decision

Chelsea – Liverpool

Possible Suarez Push During Goal

Simon M – Not a lot you can say about this other than the fact that Suarez clearly pushes Ramires away and wouldn’t have had such an easy chance if he hadn’t done so. Clear penalty.

Simon F – Ramires has hold of Suarez’s shirt, Suarez gives Ramires a shove, both could be given as fouls but which takes precedent? Suarez’s is the more obvious infringement and despite my Liverpool bias, should probably have seen the goal ruled out.

David – He shoves him. No question about it. Should have been a free.

Callum – Possible? That’s a fairly blatant push, had I seen it I would had given a foul.

Michael – If a defender did that, I’d urge the forward to man up and be stronger. As with the Adebayor one, tussles happen in the box and you can let them go to a certain extent. I just see that as good play from Suarez.

Overall Verdict – Incorrect Decision

West Ham – Newcastle

Taylor Penalty Shout

Simon M – The defender jumps straight at Taylor, rather than the ball. I really dislike Steven Taylor, so it hurts to have to say that he was done out of a penalty here.

Simon F – How embarrassing, to have been beaten by Steven Taylor’s movement. Having been done by Taylor, the defender does give him a shove in the back and he should have conceded a penalty.

David – Now, this I think is accidental contact. The defender has eyes for the ball, and bangs into Taylor as a result.

Callum – Think he’s looking for that. Wouldn’t give that.

Michael – Interesting theme of Premier League footballers being tarts in the box this week. It’s a contact sport, gentlemen. No penalty again for me.

Overall Verdict – Correct Decision

Ba Shot Possibly Over Line

Simon M – We include these because they are big debatable decisions, but without goalline cameras it’s impossible to tell whether or not they have crossed the line. For me it looks like it has, but I wouldn’t want to say for definite and so i’ll side with the officials.

Simon F – It’s very difficult to tell without a camera on the goal line, the angle from five yards out can be very deceiving. I have to side with the officials on this one.

David – It’s not the best angle, but I think the whole of the ball is not over the line.

Callum – Looks over the line at first, but then the second replay shows the save taking the ball down, moreso than back into play.

Michael – Very difficult to tell. The video isn’t conclusive after multiple showings, so we can’t really expect the human eye to be sure. I don’t think an official can give that.

Overall Verdict – Correct Decision

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