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Euro 2016: 5 players who deserve big transfers after their heroics in the tournament

Ankit Maity
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18.92K   //    12 Jul 2016, 10:00 IST
Ragnar Sigurdsson
Ragnar was excellent for Iceland in defence

UEFA Euro 2016 is finally complete, with a whirlpool of strange incidents – some people from a tiny island beating the English lads, France beating Germany in an international match after 58 years and Ronaldo winning his first ever international tournament.

For the finals, we had Portugal and France contesting, and let’s face it you didn’t see you didn’t see Eder’s stunner coming. No one did. Such is the game of football!

This was a good tournament for us fans, 2.12 goals per game. Not the cleanest one either, with a grand total of 205 yellow cards (maybe someone will tell Italy that there isn’t an award for getting the most yellow cards). We witnessed teams who’d never played before, some brilliant team tactics and more players whose names we can’t pronounce. Leaving jokes aside, this final did create history, and thankfully we all were there to see it.

But who are the players who shone? Who’re the ones in small town clubs? Let’s find out.

5) Ragnar Sigurdsson

This was the rocky heart of Iceland’s defence which saw them beating the Three Lions in a 2-1 victory.

Sigurdsson is the centre-back you’d want in your team. He can outmuscle attackers and move pretty quickly on the field. What’s surprising is that even with his limited experience, he displayed some pretty impressive positioning, his goal against England being a very example of that. Passing is also something this guy is absolutely awesome with (short passes being his favourite), watching him go tap-tap-tap across the field is not in the least annoying. If you watch his style of play, you’ll see he lacks the ability to tackle well which is a big vulnerability in a defender. Instead, he will get until he can surely get a hold of the ball and then move forward (which was basically Iceland’s strategy as well).

Reports suggest Tottenham and Leicester are trying to grab this beast of a defender, with intentions of bolstering their defence for the next season. If there’s one thing we know, Russian Premier League is definitely not the place for him.

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