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Euro 2016: Scientific astrologer predicts France will defeat Portugal in the final

20.97K   //    10 Jul 2016, 18:55 IST
didier deschamps
Deschamps has one of the horoscopes of the century amongst sportspersons

The EURO is a prestigious quadrennial event which creates folklore heroes. The team that wins the EURO always has players with horoscopes really strong enough to make them living legends. Right from the coach, the captain, the goalkeeper to the forwards, an extraordinary team gets formed that goes on to win the showpiece event.

The Euro 2016 wouldn’t be any different. France undoubtedly is superior to Portugal here. Didier Deschamps the French coach has one of the horoscopes of the century amongst sportspersons. He has Pluto, the most powerful planet in exaltation in his seventh house of ‘victories over enemies’. He also has the second most powerful planet, ‘Planet –X’ (2007 RH283) in exaltation in his fifth house of sports.

No surprise that he has won a Champions League, a EURO and a World Cup as captain. Despite all his past laurels, Deschamps still has some firepower left in his horoscope to win the EURO as a coach too.

France have many players born either on a New Moon or a Full Moon day. These are auspicious days and sports stars born during these days ‘live’ their fame longer than others. The French squad is extraordinarily well balanced with players having horoscopes with Uranus, Pluto or Planet-X in strong positions.

Most importantly, the captain & goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has a horoscope of a world beater. He has the strongest horoscope amongst all the captains in the tournament and that auger well for France. Interestingly most players of France have strong seventh houses in their charts. Hence the chance for a victory over the strongest enemies at the biggest arena looks more of a reality for France.

Expect Antoine Griezmann to once again play the superman for France if Olivier Giroud and the midfielders don’t make it count. The much-criticized defense of France would look better too.

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On the other side, Portugal has only a handful of players with excellent horoscopes. Coach Fernando Santos has a good horoscope but it was just good enough to take them to the final. The biggest chink in the Portuguese armour is the weak horoscope of Rui Patricio, the goalkeeper, who wouldn’t be able to hold on in the final encounter.

The biggest irony is the horoscope of their captain Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has a phenomenal horoscope that shines like a diamond, but he has a weak seventh house. What that indicates is that though Ronaldo would be one of the greatest players of the generation, one of the richest players in the world and an icon in club football, he still wouldn’t be a ‘world beater’.

What it effectively means is that Ronaldo has fewer chances of leading his country to football glory, despite all his heroics and achievements in club football. He will fail to make it count in what would probably be his final chance to lead Portugal to glory.

It would be tears once again for him; just Like in 2004 when Portugal shockingly lost to Greece in the EURO final. The difference is, this time, Portugal would lose to a better team.

Greenstone Lobo is an astrologer and the author of the book, ‘What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?’. You can reach him on 

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Greenstone Lobo is a research based, modern, scientific astrologer and has a special interest in sports predictions. He is the author of the book, ‘What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?’
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