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Euro 2016: Scientific Astrologer predicts that France will win the tournament; England and Portugal have slim chances

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Team France is well balanced astrologically as they have a coach Didier Deschamps with a phenomenal horoscope

Some of the most fancied countries will not be able to win the Euro 2016. The biggest names to falter would be Spain, Germany and Belgium. The biggest superstar of football in the last decade has been Iker Casillas. Iker led Spain to an unprecedented ‘treble’ of EURO-WorldCup-EURO during 2008-2010-2012.

The reason why Iker was able to do this was because of the presence of exalted Uranus and Planet ‘Y’ (1999 JV127) in his birth chart. Our Indian cricket captain M.S Dhoni too has a similar horoscope; ditto the tennis maestro Roger Federer. All the three legends were born in the same year 1981.

The Superstars in football or in any sports come in clusters. The next sets of superstars in tennis after Federer were born in the years 1985-1987. Grand Slam winners Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Stanislas Wawrinka were born during this patch when Planet-X (2007 RH283) and Planet –Z (2008 FC76) were in exaltation.

In cricket too 1986-87 borns like Rohit Sharma and David Warner have been winning the IPL after the 1981 borns like Dhoni and Gambhir have finished their winning spree.

Hence, the next superstar of football who would win the prestigious Euro Cup too would be born during the years 1985-1987. Iker Casillas of Spain has already completed his ‘karmic quota’ of success and there is no way can he win another major tournament.

Spain would crash out somewhere during the knockouts if not bumped off early. Bastian Schweinsteiger of Germany has no chances of winning the Euro as he was born in 1984 with just Saturn and Jupiter in exaltation.

Saturn and Jupiter are not as powerful as Planet - X and Planet - Z and hence Bastian wouldn’t be able to clinch it for Germany. Coach Joachim Low too doesn’t have it in him to win another major tournament. Belgium’s fate was sealed when their original captain Vincent Kompany, a 1986 born, had to withdraw from the competition due to an injury.

Eden Hazard his replacement, is too young to win a major tournament so soon. Italy can win a major only if their veteran goalkeeper captain Gianluigi Buffon is replaced by a younger captain. Croatia cannot win a major with Darijo Srna at the helm. The Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Croatia, Poland and Turkey are the other strong teams which have no chances to win the quadrennial event.

There wouldn’t be any surprises this time around. It seems the most fancied team would go on to win the Euro 2016. France is the punter’s favourite and the astrologer’s favourite too. France have the highest chances to win the tournament with Hugo Lloris the best captain in display.

1986 born Lloris has a phenomenal horoscope with Uranus, Planet-X and Planet-Z in exaltation and he has the strongest horoscope amongst all the captains. Team France is well balanced astrologically as they have a coach Didier Deschamps with a phenomenal horoscope.

While their goalkeeper has the best horoscope amongst all in the tournament, the forwards, defenders and midfielders have world beating horoscopes too. The teams with second and the third best chances to win the cup are England and Portugal as the captains Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ranaldo were born in 1985.

Austria and Hungary’s captains too have some outside chances to win the cup being born in 1986 and 1987 but Lloris towers above all. This is clearly France’s tournament to lose.

Greenstone Lobo is a research-based, Scientific Astrologer and is the author of the book, ‘What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?’. He can be reached on

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Greenstone Lobo is a research based, modern, scientific astrologer and has a special interest in sports predictions. He is the author of the book, ‘What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?’
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