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Euro 2016: Watch Graziano Pelle try to fool Manuel Neuer in the penalty shootout

03 Jul 2016, 21:20 IST
Graziano Pelle
Graziano Pelle took a terrible penalty during the shootout

Germany vs Italy is always one of the big ones - scruffy, tactical, full of passion and it is almost always a high-stakes match. Which (Boateng's blunder aside) the Euro 2016 edition would also have been - if it weren't for absolute treasures like Zaza and Graziano Pelle. After an emotionally charged match featuring some bone-crunching tackles and lots of fight, it's understandable that they (and Ozil) would like to entertain the fans a little bit - it's hard to think of any other reason why such talented players would take such dreadful penalties. 

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Okay, we can be fair here and admit that nerves would get the better of most people after 120 exhausting minutes, but was football fans we've got no option but to cry - be it tears of sadness (if you're Italian), joy (if you're German) and laughter (if you're one of the other 7 billion people on the planet)!

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With Zaza doing his best Bruce Gobelaar impersonation, you'd think there wasn't much stuff left to talk about, but Pelle really ought to take a look at - well, his own videos? Maybe he fiured Neuer had watched one too many of those, but the big German wasn't fazed.

Here is the Southampton striker trying to take the mickey out of Manuel Neuer prior to one of his career's costlier misses - wrong place, wrong time, Mr. Graziano Not-so-Panenka! Next time, we think he'll focus on placing it rather than messing with the keeper - but what do we know? Penalties are penalties and as long as we have Sergio Ramos, David Beckham (or Zaza), top players like Pelle wil still try to be cheeky when taking them. Sit back and enjoy!

Pelle though had good reason trying to confuse Neuer, he scored via a Panenka in World Youth Championships in 2005 against Morocco. 

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