Five famous football managers and relatable world leaders

Jose Mourinho and Donald Trump are similar in many ways
Modified 04 Dec 2016
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The game of football is played by a team of eleven people on the pitch, but only one person is in charge of what they do on it. A football manager is not just a coach but also a leader, like the people leading the various countries of the world, who are in charge of their nation's most important decisions and how they go about achieving certain goals and developing their countries.

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There are several managers in football that have a similar or relatable personalities or styles to many world leaders. Let’s take a look at five popular World Leaders and relatable Football Managers.

#1 Donald Trump and Jose Mourinho

Donald Trump and Jose Mourinho are currently the most controversial names in their particular fields of work. There are plenty of similarities between these two individuals, particularly on the negative side but also have a few positive accomplishments to their names.

Mourinho is known to be a very arrogant and narcissistic individual just like the new President-elect of the United States of America, Donald. Let it be interviews or press conferences; both these leaders have a way of annoying people with their arguments. Mourinho and Trump also possess a certain narcissistic element to them which they often disclose during confrontations or glory moments. 

Although most elements might be a shade negative, there are a few big achievements that Trump and Mourinho have achieved over the years. Not many would have expected Donald Trump to win the US elections, but the billionaire businessman achieved the hottest seat in the World of politics.

Similarly, Mourinho, despite his controversial style of playing football has achieved many big feats like Champions League glory along with multiple League titles with many clubs in Europe. Jose Mourinho and Donald Trump might be the most hated people in their fields but they also have the hottest seats in them.

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Published 04 Dec 2016
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