5 footballers with the highest social media following

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s official Facebook page has a whopping 111.1 million likes.
Modified 25 Apr 2016
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It makes for a nice success story to make a good footballer. You need to put in years of good work and strive to become one along with the incessant desire to keep evolving your game. The same stands for keeping your social holding in modern times. 

The modern day, social media crazy fan base won’t follow you on social media unless you can match your flair on the pitch with similar flair online. You need to keep giving the world more of what you do when you’re not playing and at the same time keep the balance right. You don’t whine out every feeling you have and yet you need to keep the world really on their feet with updates.

You need to be interactive and approachable online because you might not be able to afford that off the web. It gives you a special standing amongst fans if you can keep the distance but prove that you are one of them at the same time.

So, who are the kings of the cyber world right now? Who are the guys who switch through the gears as easily online as they do when on the pitch?  Let’s find out, shall we?

Cristiano Ronaldo

There could be a grandstand argument about which of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi rules the pitch but there’s little doubt as to who the king online is. The Portuguese forward has his critics everywhere but there seems to be little wrong with his online contingent as almost everyone seems to really love what he seems to have done with his accounts online.

On Facebook, Cristiano has a whopping 111.1 million likes on his official facebook page with his contemporaries staring at those numbers from a distance and then some. You won’t find him slacking off on the twitter numbers with a sensational 55.3 million followers latching on to every word or in this case tweet with bated breath and definite attention.

On Instagram, his record seems to be off the hook with a total of 41.8 million people giving his profile a follow. With regular updates from behind the scenes of one of football’s most followed figures, Cristiano can’t seem to go wrong when it comes to marketing himself through these accounts. The total numbers come to a whopping 208.2 million followers in total. Think of all the advertising opportunities there. No wonder brands go ga-ga over him.

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Published 23 Apr 2016, 15:47 IST
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