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Five iconic football stadiums

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Ever since professional football had been introduced, stadiums have been an integral part of the club. Where else can you experience so much passion and support for the club? During a home game, a stadium literally pulsates with fervour and the chants of both the home as well as away fans, it gives the players motivation, that extra something they need in order to perform well. During local derbies, the atmosphere reaches fever-pitch, where the intensity of the fans is something to behold. Here are some of the most iconic stadiums around the world.


This is possibly the most famous stadium in Europe. This stadium was built on top of the old Wembley, often referred to as the ‘Home of Football’. The FA Cup semi-finals and finals are held here every year, and with the vocal support of 90,000 fans, it makes for a pleasant viewing. It is also the most expensive stadium ever built, with the cost estimated to be around 800 million pounds.


This is the biggest stadium in the North American continent. Built to accommodate 104,000 spectators, any match played here is indeed awe-inspiring. Many iconic moments were witnessed in this ground, such as Italy’s epic 4-3 victory over West Germany in the 1970 semi-finals, voted as the “Game of the Century”. Diego Maradona also scored his most famous “Goal of the Century” against England here, back in 1986.  This stadium is truly built for the special moments.


This is one of Brazil’s most historic stadiums. When it was initially built, it could host a world record 199,854 people. But since then, the capacity has fallen to 82,000. It was the venue of the infamous Maracanazo match between Brazil and Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup, where Uruguay shockingly beat Brazil 2-1. It was reportedly said that for 60 minutes of the game, the entire ground was silent, with only the whistles of the referee and shouts of the players punctuating the eerie silence.


One of the most famous stadiums in the world, this is home to FC Barcelona – reigning champions of Spain and Europe. The atmosphere is electric, with regular beats of drums and fireworks being lit off during matches, making it one of the most intimidating venues in Europe. During El-Clasicos, the epic derby between Barca and Real Madrid, Camp Nou comes alive with the fans getting behind their team.


Home to Liverpool FC, this has been a stronghold of the club. Although it may not be the biggest stadium in the world in terms of capacity, it makes up for numbers in the form of vocal support. It has been listed as one of the noisiest stadiums in the world, with the passionate Kop fans egging their team to score. The way in which the supporters back their team even in times of distress and losses is remarkable. The Reds have acknowledged this extra support so many times, admitting that the fans helped them to believe in themselves and motivate them to play football. The Merseyside Derbies against Everton at Anfiled are always special, with the intense rivalry made even bigger by the frequent jeering and booing. All this adds magic and spice to the encounter.

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