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Five life lessons from Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo's Ballon d'Or collection speaks the loudest about his talent

Cristiano Ronaldo. The name speaks loads. For the past decade, the Portuguese hit-man has been sitting atop the very pinnacle of his football career. Even after attaching numerous records to his name, he has shown no signs of quitting the beautiful game.

Apart from being the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo also is a role model for millions of people around the globe.

He is a walking tribute to the values of hard work and determination. His charisma has a stark resemblance to former England skipper David Beckham, who was the most popular player on Earth, in his era.

But, great things never happen overnight. The Portuguese captain has shown a vast amount of determination to get to the place where he is. Apart from being the best player in the world, he is a perfect role-model for his fans all over the globe.

With millions of people dreaming about touching the superstar in their wildest dreams, we look at the five most important life lessons that Cristiano Ronaldo has taught us during his career as a footballer.

#5: Talent is nothing without hard work

Real Madrid v Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final
Cristiano Ronaldo is a known and rigorous hard-worker in the football world.
"With a combination of dedication and hard work, things come naturally"

Does Cristiano Ronaldo have any short-comings in his game? Nope. The Real Madrid star has trained himself to be the best player on all fronts.

The man can score goals, make key passes, assists, headers, long-shots, dribbles and probably everything a football geek can come up with.


Do you know Ronaldo practices for four hours daily to improve personal skills after team training? Absolute beast.

Anyone who looks at his well-muscled body will think that Cristiano Ronaldo is a sweet ode perfection. But, was it all about being a natural talent? Certainly not.

Back in his yesteryears, Wayne Rooney was regarded to be better than Cristiano Ronaldo. But, the Englishman's lack of proper determination has seen him fall behind Ronaldo, who right now reigns over the football world.

Working hard is the ultimate key to his grand success.

Hard work is inevitable if you dream of being the best. Also, it requires a lot of sacrifices. Ronaldo left his home at the tender age of eighteen to play for Manchester United.

He never indulges in late nights, drinks or parties, in order to maintain his body and fitness. In short, Ronaldo has worshipped his body like a temple.

Success is not hard to come by if we work hard and sacrifice enough to achieve it.

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