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5 teams that were disqualified from international tournaments - will Russia follow suit?

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14 Jun 2016, 22:34 IST
Russia are facing potential disqualification over crowd violence

If there's one thing the fans should keep in mind about their actions, it's that their doings can possibly result in their team getting disqualified. That doesn't sound so good. Russia have been given a 'suspended disqualification' after their supporters decided to go on a freak show after the final whistle against England, setting off fireworks and bombarding the England supporters who were seen fleeing.

Many were physically harmed, punches were thrown and a scramble had begun. This kind of behavior isn't something the Russians should be proud of and further violence would see the team kicked out from the competition.

With Russia facing potential disqualification, let's take a look at five teams that were disqualified from international tournaments.

Chile – 1994 World Cup

Roberto Rojas enters the hall of shame

Brazil were leading Chile 1-0 in a 1990 FIFA World Cup qualifier and the latter would be knocked out if it stayed that way. Then the unthinkable happened. Around the 67th minute, La Roja goalkeeper Roberto Rojas decided to go down, pretending he was injured from a firecracker thrown by a Brazilian fan named Rosenery Mello do Nascimento.

There was blood and his forehead seemed to be seriously injured. He was carried off the pitch and the Chilean players and staff refused to return to the pitch, stating the playing conditions unsafe. The Brazilians looked on in shock as they were facing elimination and a possible ban.

They didn't know there were looking at what was a desperate and amateurish hoax.

Rojas had used a razor blade hidden in his gloves to inflict injury on his forehead. Video tapes proved it was the case and that the firecracker had landed a meter away from the goalkeeper. FIFA had a decision to make and the match was ruled 2-0 in Brazil's favor.

Chile were banned from the 1994 FIFA World Cup and Roberto Rojas, the man who was the center of attention was handed a lifetime ban, though it was lifted in 2001.

An unwanted act of stupidity had hurt his team and his career was over. They could have tried to overturn the deficit and eliminate Brazil fair and square. Instead, they went for the dramatic, suicidal and brainless way. Justice was served.

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