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Five Wayne Rooney attributes that Manchester United and its fans will sorely miss

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Manchester United v Sunderland - Premier League
Rooney playing for Manchester United.
Some things are meant to be. And Wayne Rooney has scored his first senior Manchester United career hat-trick.

That was what the commentator said when Rooney set the Theatre of Dreams alight on a Champions League night. He netted a fairy tale debut hat-trick, while the United fans had a glimpse of how special he was.

Since then, Wayne Rooney has been an epitome of all the values United have stood for. Passion. Dedication. Selflessness. The never-give-up attitude. Wazza has it all. Though he has had his ups and downs, Rooney has given United fans a sea of memories.

His fairy-tale debut versus Fenerbahce, the scorcher versus Newcastle, the screamer versus Manchester City, the half-line finish versus West Ham and much more.

It is hard to see a player stay at a club for more than four or five years these days. Rooney, on the other hand, was a loyal servant to United for thirteen incredible years. As a player, it will always be hard for the Red Devils to find someone who equals his passion and work-rate for the game.

It certainly won't be easy for the United fans to forget their talismanic striker, following his departure to Everton.

Following his departure to his beloved boyhood club Everton, United are sorely gonna miss these five traits of their all-time top scorer.

#5 Rooney's passion for the game

Manchester United v Arsenal - FA Cup Quarter Final
Rooney was one of the most passionate players at United.

There is not a pinch of doubt about how passionate Wayne Rooney is about football. The lad breathes football day and night. Over the years, he has earned rave reviews from countless peers that define his love for football.

“We all know football players at the top level are blessed with high wages, it’s no secret. But Rooney would play for 100 euros-a-week. You can see the fire in his eyes. It’s that fire which makes him the best of the best. His love for the game is natural. It’s like a father’s love for his son. He doesn’t need to convince himself he loves football – it was what he was born to do.” - Lionel Messi

Certainly, a quote like that from Lionel Messi is enough to define Wayne's eternal passion for the game. Every time he has been on the ground, Rooney has been deeply involved in the game for every single minute he has played. His terrific work-rate on the pitch is second to none.

As a player, he was everywhere on the pitch, covering every blade of grass he could find. It is hard to find a forward who would cover for left-back on a counter-attack. But, that's what Wayne Rooney is. An extremely resourceful, dedicated and determined professional.

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