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Football: 5 players who are fan favourites but hated by rival fanbases

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The Barcelona Duo
The Barcelona Duo

Football is a highly emotive sport. In fact, many would say there isn’t a more allegiance-dividing sport in the world. Some treat football as a passion, while millions adopt it as a religion. Many a person has lost family and friends over the round-ball sport, leading outsiders to question whether it’s a healthy way to pass the time.

Regardless, we all love football and because of the teams we support, we dislike players of opposing teams by default.

Although everyone has their opinions in regard to their favourite players at their respective clubs, it’s undeniable that some players are heralded as fan favourites due to their star player status.

However, a star player for one team is public enemy for a rival fanbase.

Without further ado, here are 5 players who are fan favourites but strongly hated by rivals.

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#5 Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique has made over 400 appearances for Barcelona
Gerard Pique has made over 400 appearances for Barcelona

After an unsuccessful stint in Manchester, Pique returned to his homeland to become a national legend. Shakira’s husband has been a mainstay in Catalonia for over a decade now. At Barcelona, the 32-year-old has won an unprecedented 3 UCL titles, 8 La Ligas and 6 Copa Del Reys, that’s what you call dominance. At the heart of all that success, Gerard Pique has emanated as a leader, taking over the reins from the immortal Carlos Puyol.

Pique’s resemblance of Barcelona’s success goes beyond his ability on the pitch. The Spaniard has been known to be very vocal on Twitter, often acting as a voice for the Catalonian people. Famously, in 2017 he did his best on social media to persuade the world that Neymar would indeed be staying at Barcelona, but the Brazilian left.

With that saga, Pique reaffirmed himself as the face of Barcelona. Even when he’s played for the national side, Spanish Real Madrid fans have viewed him as a Barca player rather than one of their own.

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