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Football fans on Twitter react after Catalonia declares independence from Spain

Catalonia has just declared itself as an independent nation and Twitter reacts to it...

News 27 Oct 2017, 20:32 IST

A giant Catalunya flag unfurled at Camp Nou

This has been coming for a while. The friction between Catalonia and the rest of Spain has always been apparent to someone who puts even a passive glance on the region. The animosity between Catalonia and the Spanish capital of Madrid has often been depicted in the games between Barcelona and Madrid.

And now, with the independence of Catalonia from Spain, there is going to be a lot of things that would change over the past few months. For us football fans, it will always be the one question that will continuously play within our heads: where will F.C. Barcelona play now?

The Catalan club are the second most successful club in La Liga and with their state's separation from Spain, there is a good chance that they could be excluded from the top level of Spanish football.

Anyways, here is how Twitter reacted to the football aspect of this declaration:

Some fans are actually hyped about Barca going to some other league...

While some others are not sure whether this is much of an important matter at all

These people are just like the rest of us: confused

Some already seem to know what is going to happen

While some are yet convinced about Madrid screwing up La Liga

Some are still upset about Neymar leaving

Truer words haven't been spoken

Some see the funny side

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