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Football is the best example of people standing together despite their differences

Yazad Aga
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:59 IST

Sure, there is division among fans, because everyone supports their own team. There will always be rivalries, and there will always be fights. But when it comes down to respect, emotional moments, appreciating the greatness of champions or the occurrence of tragic losses, football fans and players all stand together.

In such situations, no matter whether it's a derby rivalry or if a person just can't stand another club, everyone will stand hand in hand to support each other.

Football does a lot for people. Not only does it entertain, it also has the power to save lives. There are so many issues in the world, but football is the go-to happy place for many.

Football can change a person for the better. It can give people a reason to look forward to something, or to just live! People who love to play football often stay away from drugs and other negatives so that they can play and enjoy.

A moment of silence in respect.
A moment of silence in respect.

Football teaches sportsmanship and brings people together. It can be a beacon of light for many that live in the darkness of depression, pain and anger. And the best part is that the footballers work towards uniting the world. They understand the impact of football on people's lives, and how it can change so many.

When one tragic incident occurs, the whole world stands together to support not only the club that lost someone, but even their personal family (every club fan believes they are a part of the family of the club). That's why every fan screams their lungs and hearts out to support their clubs.

Football holds a lot of emotional value for all fans and players. Every time I see my team lose, it breaks my heart. It is hard to watch your team lose. But what is harder still, is to see the loss of a life that was a part of the game.

The recent loss of Leicester City's Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha reinforces that. Not only did the Leicester family feel the pain of his passing, but so did the rest of the world. When a moment of silence for the Leicester owner began, I put everything aside to show my respect too. A loss of one is a loss for us all.

Football fans and players will always stand together not only because of respect or sportsmanlike spirit, but also because of the love and compassion for every football-related person out there. It is the game that brought us all together and it is our heart, passion, and togetherness that will glue us all together forever.

Published 23 Nov 2018, 17:26 IST
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