Top 10 quotes on Cristiano Ronaldo

Few days ago we published an article about “Top 10 quotes on Lionel Messi” and now it’s time to look at some quotes on Cristiano Ronaldo. There is no doubt to the fact that why Ronald is widely regarded as one of the best footballer of all time. Like Messi, no description is needed to describe the talent of Ronaldo. Here, we will take a look at the ten famous quotes by his teammates, rivals and former players on his brilliance.Also read: Lionel Messi: Top 10 quotes

#10 Paul Jewell (BBC Sports Expert)

#9 Ryan Giggs

#8 Lus Figo

#7 Sir Bobby Charlton

#6 Johan Cruyff

#5 Eusebio

#4 Jose Mourinho

#3 Rio Ferdinand

#2 George Best

#1 Sir Alex Ferguson

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