Spanish supporter wins $135,000 worth free gas after predicting Spain's 5-1 loss against Netherlands

Iker Casillas helplessly chasing Argen Robben in Spain’s 5-1 loss to Netherlands

The reigning World cup champions Spain went into the match against Netherlands expecting a hard-fought win and so were the Spanish supporters. Not even the most crazed fan would have expected such an astounding performance by the Dutch, more so the scoreline.

Days later when the whole country was still coping with Spain’s fall from grace and Iker Casillas contemplating a new job, a new fact has emerged: it seems a fan had predicted the 5-1 scoreline and has gone on to win a $135,000 grand prize.

Not all Spaniards were left shell-shocked after Spain’s 5-1 loss to Netherlands, one man Jacobo Ríos-Capapé, a 56-year old architect and ex-referee from Valencia, took part in a contest organized by Spanish fuel company, Cespa. Somehow deducing the outrageous 5-1 scoreline weeks before the match, Ríos-Capapé placed his entry for the match alongside 70,000 other participants and 120,000 entries with the hopes of winning one of Cespa's grand prizes, $135,000 worth of free gasoline.

As it turns out, he was the only participant in the whole country to predict such an insane scoreline in favour of the Dutch. The rest of the country were so sure of Spain’s dominance that only one individual won the grand prize when they could have entered different score lines multiple times.

Jacobo Ríos-Capapé defining his logic said, "Hoping that Spain would win, of course, I thought that if Holland were to beat us, it would be big, so I came up with the 5-1 scoreline, without being very convinced by it. Actually after, I thought it was outrageous and wouldn't happen."

With $135,000 worth of free gasoline assured, Ríos-Capapé isn’t satisfied yet. According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Ríos-Capapé has plans to enter Cespa's contest for the second match, for the lesser prize of about $68,000 worth of free gas.

"It will be my personal revenge for the defeat to Holland. Tomorrow I'm going to fill up and I'll play that Spain beats Chile 5-1."

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