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Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson to release new book

Rohan Menon
2.36K   //    11 Mar 2015, 23:04 IST
Sir Alex Ferguson set to release a new book on leadership

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is set to release a new book on leadership and the secret to his success. According to the promoters, the book will be called ‘Leading’ with Sir Michael Moritz as its author. Ferguson, who had previously released his autobiography titled, ‘Alex Ferguson’, will be releasing his new book at fall of this year.

Promoters of the book claim that the book contains ‘the key tools he used to deliver sustained success on and off the field’.

They added, “From tactics to teamwork, from hiring to firing, from dealing with the boardroom to responding to failure, the book will analyse the pivotal leadership decisions of an astonishing career.” 

Although Ferguson’s start at Manchester United was not noteworthy, he set up an era filled with silverware for Manchester United.

The Scot, who is currently 73 years old, said, “Since stepping into retirement, I have had the opportunity to reflect on my time as a football manager, and to consider the reasons behind my success through personal recollections, conversations with Mike Moritz and my role at Harvard Business School. 

“It has been a new experience for me to be looking into the past rather than planning for the future, but one that I have found enjoyable and rewarding.

“The process behind creating this book began many years ago following my first meeting with Mike, which immediately created a mutual respect for each other's achievements. Over the past year, we have spent many hours together as we have worked our way through my life in order to draw out and discuss the key philosophies I applied during my career.”

Sir Michael Moritz, who was a fan of Sir Alex Ferguson’s achievements, added, “Though I have two left feet and cannot dribble, I have long been fascinated by the characteristics of those extremely rare individuals who are capable of exerting an extraordinary influence on the rise, success and durability of the world's highest performing organisations.

“That topic led me to Sir Alex. It has been an enormous pleasure to debate the subject with Sir Alex over the last seven years or so and to collaborate with him on this book.”

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