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Best Halloween costumes: Footballers edition - Neymar's Joker outfit loses out

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Neymar ch
Neymar chose to dress up as popular DC character - The Joker

What is the biggest western festival that we follow without any hesitation whatsoever? No, no, I am not talking about Valentine's Day. No, not even Christmas! Okay, alright, alright, what is ONE of the biggest Western festivals that we follow wholeheartedly?

Halloween. Obviously.

Halloween is actually the 'Bhoot Chaturdashi' equivalent of the West. So it is actually the West that copied from the East (haha!). Anyways, the source of inspiration doesn't matter if the adapted version is the one that was more of a hit than the original - people will always remember the more successful one.

And this is why Halloween is celebrated internationally - even in third world countries - and footballers are often a part of it.

Some of them always use the occasion to dress up in in the most extravagant and extreme ways to completely seize the day - carpe diem, baby! - and here are some of the best costumes by footballers (and their better halves, in some cases):

#1 Gerard Pique and Shakira

The power couple with strong masks
The power couple with strong masks

As you can see above, the power couple of Shakira and Gerard Pique wore masks, with the Catalan defender imitating a crane or something (maybe this is a variation of Spy v/s Spy comic) and his beloved wearing a usual black mask that makes her look very pretty.

I mean, obviously, that is Shakira - she would look pretty regardless of what she wears!

#2 Neymar - The Joker

Why so serious?
Why so serious?

I actually like what Neymar has done here, because the Joker is perhaps my most favourite villains of all time (sounds absurd that, I know, but don't judge me because chances are, you feel the same way) and Neymar executed it pretty neatly.

However, what irked me is that out of all the versions of the Joker, he chose the one that resonated the least with the one in the comic: Jared Leto's version. I mean, he could have gone for Ledger's or Nicholson's version, but he chose Leto's instead.

But, it can't be denied that he chose Leto's costume, which was actually pretty slick - and this is perhaps why Neymar chose it.

#3 Dani Alves (ft. Neymar)

Buddies fo' life
The Brazilian buddies made the most of Halloween

One simply can't have Neymar doing something without Dani Alves following the trend or vice-versa. When Dani Alves ate a banana to counter the racism he was subject to, Neymar followed suit and actually started the #WeAreAllMonkeys trend on Twitter.

So, obviously, if Neymar prepped himself up for the occasions, we can be as sure as hell that Alves would do the same. I am not really sure as to what the former Barcelona right-back tried to imitate here, but he looks pretty scary - and that's the point anyway.

#4 Mr and Mrs Mertens

Mr. and Mrs. Smith equivalent much?
Mr and Mrs. Smith equivalent much?

Marek Hamsik is a great player, but Mertens' wife's imitation of him was nothing short of impressive. Well, this picture somehow reminds me of Mr and Mrs Smith starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and I don't know why.

Mertens, meanwhile, dressed up imitating his good friend, Lorenzo Insigne, with whom he shares a great partnership on the pitch. I have to admit that these two have just taken relationship goals to another level here.

#5 Luis Garcia the reader ghost

Garcia seems to be a keen reader
Garcia seems to be a keen reader

Remember Luis Garcia? Well, if you are Liverpool fans, you are definitely going to remember the man that played a crucial role in Liverpool's Champions League winning campaign in 2005.

The former Barcelona and Atletico Madrid winger used a simple make-up to devastating effect as he dresses up like a white ghost that is also a keen reader. Take note, fellas, this is what you could do with a white bedsheet, white powder and Kiwi black shoe-polish.

#6 Patrice Evra wins the day

Enter captionEnter caption
Best outfit from a footballer this year

The winner of this year's footballer Halloween costume is none other than Patrice Evra. This is what happens when you don't have to play in the Champions League on a Tuesday and, as a result, use that time to use makeup on your body and look like a freaking zombie.

The former Manchester United left-back posted a video on his Instagram handle with this getup while claiming that "I am crazy, but I love it." I don't know whether he is crazy - actually, he might because it takes some level of craziness to do this - but he is certainly pretty damn creative.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a career as a makeup artist awaiting him after he finally hangs up his boots. Don't be surprised if you see his name under the make-up artist section of any future Hollywood movie.

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