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Hans Backe - Lionel Messi is not an angel

Is Lionel Messi as good as he is made out to be by the media? (Getty Images)

Lionel Messi is often thought of as a shy and humble superstar, but Hans Backe alleges that Messi’s image is not a reflection of the footballer’s personality, according to fotbollskanalen.se.

Former New York Red Bulls coach Backe said on Swedish television that Messi humiliated coach Pep Guardiola when the Spaniard was in charge at Barcelona.

“These stars are not God’s best children,” says Backe.

“It was three hours before the match, all the players sit and eat when Messi says he wants a Coke. ‘No, no, we do not drink cola three hours before a flight,’ said Guardiola. So Messi got up from his chair and comes back a few minutes later with a can of cola, which he opens and drinks right in front of Guardiola. Imagine what happens when a great profile as Messi goes against the coach in this way. It is a war that Guardiola can not win. It is impossible,” said Backe.

The outburst from Backe surprised his fellow presenters on Sweden’s TV4 and he went on to say, of the story: “Sensational? I have a bunch of lawyers behind me.”

He did not reveal the source of his information.

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