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Historic Moment for Iranian women - Removal of Match Ban

Shubham Wagh
04 Jul 2018, 08:04 IST

     The envelope might have been kept securely in her bag, ,but she still checked it every few minutes, It was just to make sure that most precious thing was still there and It was something,that she had always wished for but until now it had always been denied. It was like a treasure thing for her and this was a ticket of Iran’s opening match at this world cup against Morocco which was held in Petersburg stadium,Russia. It was Tara’s first ticket to watch her national team playing live and it was the historic moment for Iranian women. She was the first women who broke all the rules and restrictions to watch the game live after 37 years. Before this when Tara went to watch the football game live she had to pretend as a Korean woman for security concerns. Tara is from those several Iranian women who are demanding campaign that women must be allowed into the soccer stadium at home.

       The match Between Spain and Iran was broadcasted at the Azadi stadium and Iran’s Authorities allowed women to watch live broadcast at Tehran’s Azadi stadium and It was historic moment for Iranian women,with women finally having entered in the stadium for the first time after the ban, they are hoping that rules for watching sporting Events in the Iran will be changed permanently.

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         For 37 years women have been banned from watching men’s sporting event in Iran. In fact there is no law against women attending games but authorities have imposed a ban .Since 1981 ,In Iran stadium was declared as an inappropriate place for women. One of the journalist from Iran shared her experience about watching world in 2014.she told that she had watched the 2014 world cup in the dark coffee shop in Tehran with doors locked and volume muted.From this example we can conclude how disastrous condition is there in Iran. According to me it is such a cruddy thing. But why women can’t watch a football match with a man? Why they had been banned till now? why Iran authorities had been so prejudiced? I think the main reason behind this would be 1979 revolution ,after that revolution men and women cannot take part together in a sporting event.

        But all in all it is a historic moment for Iranian women Tara who had watched the game in Russia, who was fighting for women rights and It will be the start of new positive things for Iranian women. I hope many more restrictions will be uprooted in upcoming years.

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