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Hopes and expectations On Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey

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Aaron Ramsey: one of Arsenal's brightest young talents

In the current edition of Barclays English Premier League, Jack Wilshere is the face of talent ushering out of Arsenal. On his teenage shoulders lies the hope & future of English football fans. England coach Fabio Capello’s awe and expectation from him is a proof of this fact. I myself being a Gunner am very happy and proud of him. Jack Wilshere is talented young player, the audacity with which he played against FC Barcelona in 1st leg of Champion league only hints at the illustrious career he might have ahead. But last year another young talented teenager was rising up the ranks in Arsenal, his participation is the first team increased progressively with the season. He was Aaron Ramsey. But at the end of February in a game against Stoke City, he suffered a double fracture. Injury was a result of tackle from Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross. Lots of arguments were made by netizens and pundits about the injury and some called the tackle a scythe, and some empathised with Ryan Shawcross arguing he didn’t intended it. But with due respect to all the arguments and allegations I ask an important question – What does such an injury cost to a talent young player at the launch of his career on the biggest stage, what are the implications to his future ? What is Aaron Ramsey’s loss ?

Aaron Ramsey in pain after being injured.


Remember a similar injury ( or may be even worse ) to Eduardo, he was not able to actually recover from the injury. He was never the player he used to be before the injury. Ramsey has lost one most important year of his football career to injury. Can we evaluate his career progress if that injury had not happen to him? He could have been core of Arsenal midfield along with Jack & Cesc. Or maybe he might have not been. But I am very sure that he would have been. Ramsey is to Wales what Wilshere is to England, same hope and expectations.  Gunners from around the world flooded him with messages with good wishes to recover soon and I am sure they might have provided him some emotional support.


Arsenal fans in full support of Aaron Ramsey.

Such is the harsh reality of life it tests your character at every moment. It puts forth new challenges after every milestone you achieve. I wish and hope Aaron Ramsey returns to his best form once he joins us back, only that will justify his talent and prove he’s a true champion. He has convalesced well from his injury and has been practicing with Cardiff and Arsenal Reserve team. It is expected that Aaron Ramsey will play in first team against the Sunderland game on 5th March 2010, almost after one year.  I wish and hope he achieves the best – One Aaron Ramsey.


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