How will Aaron Wan-Bissaka do at United?

Crystal Palace v Manchester City - Premier League
Crystal Palace v Manchester City - Premier League
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After finalizing his move to Manchester United earlier this week for a fee of £45 million which could rise to £50 million with add ons, Aaron Wan-Bissaka will be hoping to grab his chance at a big club by the scruff of the neck and help drag Manchester United back where they belong. Wan-Bissaka is one of the most promising young talents around and now that he has earned his chance on the big stage, the question is, how will Wan-Bissaka do at United?

Well, to answer that question with the short answer, Wan-Bissaka will probably excel on the biggest stage with better players and bigger competitions. This is after the previous season saw him become a weekly starter for Crystal Palace. At the end of the season, he won the Palace Player of the Season over Wilfred Zaha. Moreover, it's hard to argue with the decision to give the award to him after looking at his stats throughout the season which not only gave him recognition as Crystal Palace's best player but also one of the best defenders in the Premier League.

These stats included the most tackles out of any defender in Europe's top five leagues according to BT Sport.

Wan-Bissaka also achieved the most interceptions by a defender with an incredible 84 and most successful take ons by a defender with 61 according to Statman Dave on twitter. These are already incredible stats but they also seem even better when you think about who Wan-Bissaka is competing with. This is the likes of Trent Alexander Arnold and Kyle Walker.

On the other hand, now playing for Manchester United, let's look at how Wan-Bissaka could potentially flop at United.

Well, firstly let's think about the experience. Wan-Bissaka only has one year of experience in the first team week in week out and this was with Crystal Palace. Although they are a Premier League team, they are a mid-table side so the pressure isn't too high.

However, at a team like Manchester United if you mess up then expect to see your face in sport publications all over the world. So, with this being said plus the current state of United, the pressure from the fans and the media could prove to be too much for Wan-BIssak who is only 21. Moreover, we have seen a slight pause in development for Marcus Rashford recently due to the pressure on him at such a young age.

To conclude, Aaron Wan-Bissaka is an excellent young talent with bags of potential that Manchester United should open up although in the past we have seen them throw the bag of potential away for many young talents. Will Wan-Bissaka flop or help United back to the top?

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